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Comment Re:Impeding the West's intelligence efforts (Score 1) 96

Except that the technology was not sabotaged. It was merely revealed that it existed. The thing is: it is no longer a matter of this technology could be misused. We now know that this technology will be misused.

In fact, the evidence suggests that our government(s) will use this technology to suppress legitimate opposition and not to protect its citizens from malefactors.

Comment Re:no way (Score 1) 231

Well, considering that in this case the courts ruled that the medical facility is only liable for 30% of the cost of "upkeep" there is something to that.

However, you are overlooking the context of the original post. The original post clearly implies that the poster would not pay anything even if the courts failed to order the support you are suggesting. In such a case, these two option ARE the only options.

Comment robots.txt indeed does NOT have value (Score 2, Interesting) 150

The use of robots.txt only makes the internet somewhat harder to search. I fucking hate it when some scientific publisher haplessly uses robots.txt, only to make search of their published content nearly impossible to find. Fuck that, fuck robots.txt and the train it came with.

Comment This will probably fuck with Zotero (Score 1) 188

In principle this could prevent me from writing my scientific manuscripts with Word. On the other hand, nobody forces me to use the newest version of Word. Kind of to probe a point (but mostly because I like it more), I use Word 2007 to author all the manuscripts we publish. There really aren't any compelling reasons for me to upgrade to the new versions of Office.

Comment Re:Impeding the West's intelligence efforts (Score 1) 96

Considering your signature, I really hope you are being sarcastic. There is reasonable evidence that the Obama Administration used the intelligence apparatus of the U.S. to spy on his political opponents (in particular those who opposed the Iran Nuclear deal, an example where there is no support for the idea that those being spied on domestically were involved in anything which gave the government legal authority to spy on them). It is certainly possible, maybe even likely, that previous Administrations had done the same thing, but they were subtle enough in the way that they used what they learned that way that it is possible they were not doing so.

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