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Comment Re:Broken Copyright (Score 1) 137

This is the system that Barak Hussain Obama defended and did not fix for the last 8 years. We will have to see what the next administration brings.

Likewise President Bush for eight years. Neither of them did anything about it because neither of them could. U.S. copyright policy is in the hands of the legislative branch. The US Patent and Trademark Office is part of the Department of Commerce, but the Copyright Office is part of the Library of Congress. Blame the Republican senators and the Democratic senators. Better yet, blame the incumbent publishers that provide campaign contributions, super PAC contributions, and in-kind donations of coverage on their affiliated TV news outlets.

Comment Re:Seriously wtf (Score 1) 137

Link's not an elf; he's a Hylian. The Zelda universe has its own counterpart to wood elves, called Kokiri. Link in Ocarina of Time was raised by Kokiri.

But at least CBS and Paramount have decided to embrace fan creativity by publishing guidelines for what constitutes an acceptable fan work. Nintendo doesn't at all.

Comment Re:The death spiral is continuing. (Score 2) 149

The pedantry here is ridiculous. "Everyone" in my prior post is obviously slightly hyperbolic in the context in which it was used, and a normal colloquial usage. The reality is that over 90% of everyone's PCs are running their software, and if you isolate that to business/government PCs it's almost 100%.

Comment Re:Child labor law (Score 1) 492

I had a job: maintaining my A minus grade point average in honors classes in high school. It paid not immediately in cash but instead years later in eligibility for a merit-based college scholarship. If you are trying to claim that every child ought to have two jobs, a first for scholarship eligibility and a second for cash, I fail to see how that's practical. Most nights, I was assigned too much homework to be able to complete first it and then a paper route before the subscribers expected to have their newspapers.

Comment Re:Why is this a problem? (Score 1) 46

No. Fake news is news that's been deliberately fabricated, often to make its purveyors money, and doesn't attempt to relate to the truth. For instance, "child sex ring in some Washington pizza shop" - there's just no relationship to the truth and whatever their reasons for publishing such nonsense, it wasn't an attempt to inform anyone of anything that could plausibly have been said to have been real. Real news may be inaccurate or flat-out wrong, but real news is intended to be based on some sort of truth. Now whether and how often a particular source succeeds could be a question of some debate, but even the most partisan news sources are - if they're real news - based on some event that actually occurred.

The deliberate confusion of "fake news" with "news I don't like" is actually a very postmodern idea. There's no such thing as fact, it's just your perception that matters.

Comment Re:Child labor law (Score 1) 492

When I was 14 (or maybe 13) I had a paper route. Didn't need to ask my parents for permission, either.

Were you recommending sneaking out of the house, walking several blocks to the newspaper company, and putting in an application, in direct disobedience of my parents? It's been years, but I seem to remember that if I failed to let my parents know whenever I left the house, or if they vetoed it and I left anyway, I'd lose privileges once I returned home for having made them "worried sick" and "about to call the police". One such privilege was the privilege to connect my computer to their electric power and operate it on their land.

Just went and got it (actually, bought it off a classmate for $X a week until it was paid off).

With my (professionally diagnosed) social awkwardness and need to leave school immediately to catch the school bus home, I wouldn't have known how to find a classmate off whom to buy a paper route without disrupting the classroom. I wouldn't even have known that one can buy a route off someone else; in fact, I didn't know that until I read your comment.

And I'm sure that sidewalks needed to be shoveled in winter, so snow should have been an opportunity

I don't remember if this was the case when I was growing up, but nowadays, there's someone in our neighborhood who runs a snowblower on about four blocks' worth of sidewalk for free. It's hard to compete with free.

Comment Re:where's the safe space for apps (Score 1) 46

Let me make it more explicit:

Pay for a domain, web hosting, and advertising. Obtain a TLS certificate for your domain through the Let's Encrypt button of your web host's control panel. Offer your application as a self-signed apk file for download through your website, along with instructions for users to enable Unknown sources or use adb install to add the application to a device.

Comment Re:Catastrophic man-made global warming (Score 1) 273

It is the largest problem and it is all problems with Swedish society.

It create more and more of all problems.

The only "problem" I can think of which isn't due to immigration is that people live longer, have had fewer children and as such that the share of the population which are older and hence wouldn't work if it was the normal Swedish society would had grown larger making them more of a burden of society.
My solution there would had been to let each generation or individual save money for their own pension instead of relying on future tax payers.
But yeah. That isn't directly connected to immigration and is a "problem" of it's own. However Swedish refugee immigration isn't a solution to that problem regardless because of how poorly qualified they are and how long it take to get them into jobs and how many of those jobs are subsidized jobs. For the refugees to contribute positively to that AT THIS TIME they would have to job and pay in taxes and not collect welfare. However refugees will get old too and will need to be supported at that age they as-well and as such over their life-time they will just weight the Swedish system down even more.
Some news tabloid just recently bragged about how many more of the immigrants got a job here than in Denmark and Norway and so on it was just that 4/5 of those jobs was subsidized so .. Yeah.. Great! .. Tino has posted before that immigrants income from salaries and companies are 41% less than the native Swedes, Sweden have progressive taxation but that of course mean that the taxes they pay in is also at-least 41% less and since fewer of them work more of them will collect welfare.
There's also things like they being over-represented in heavy criminality with 3-4 times, some of them in rape cases 20+ times but by now I assume it's even higher but the political establishment doesn't want new up to date numbers of that for some reason .. Their cars ends up in crashes four times as often, all the smashed schools, burned cars, buildings, people who feel less safe, are murdered, are raped, people who cheat the system, feel less trust in the system, so on, all of that have a cost too.

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