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Comment Re:Nobody is asking the right questions... (Score 1) 184

But this isn't communication with your lawyer or your doctor. This is what one government tells another government about its own people as a form of exchange of intelligence (backchanneling). You can bet your buttocks that each and everyone of these "individuals' records" are there either in order to discredit a leak like this or those people have some role to play in the bigger scheme of things. These are not going to be ordinary rape victims but Prince Abdullah's rape victims, these are the medical records of an intelligence agency's agent or some local warlord.

Comment Re:Pile it on.. (Score 1, Insightful) 184

It is actually worse than this. It is like when Hillary said that all rape victims deserve to be believed, and then was asked about Bill's Alleged Victims ....

The hypocrisy is astounding. There is clear pandering to black people in the DNC, and it is revealed repeatedly in their email scandal. Things everyone already knows, but nobody really cares about. BLM protests in Milwaukee prove that it isn't about "white cops shooting unarmed black men" because the victim was a criminal, with a stolen gun, shot by a black cop, but somehow saying that makes me a "Racist" because I don't follow the narrative that the left wants to portray.

Compare and contrast what happened in "racist Texas" during the dallas shooting there, and the black guy with the riffle who DIDN'T get shot, even though a black guy with a rifle was shooting cops.

So, the cries of "racism" over every incident, regardless of the races involved, make it harder and harder to listen to anyone crying racist. Even when it is legitimate, all those fake claims are ruining it for the real victims. Meanwhile the REAL crimes in places like Chicago go largely ignored by the whole BLM movement, even though the impact is much much more involved.

While I don't doubt there are David Dukes of the world still out there, they are mostly powerless idiots, and nobody but the racebaiters with Rev in their name pay attention to.

Comment Re: uranium runs out (Score 1) 288

This paragraph says a lot about the study:

The UK is a mixed picture. Emissions have been reduced by 16 per cent, bucking the trend of other pro-nuclear countries. However, only five per cent of its energy comes from renewables, which is among the lowest in Europe, pipped only by Luxembourg, Malta and the Netherlands.

They, like you, are more concerned about the energy being renewables than they are about lowering their CO2. That alone makes the study suspect.
The problem is, that our issue today, is the fact that we became dependent on one main form of energy, which is fossil fuels. We need to have a diversified energy matrix. UK is correct in seeking to keep nukes going. They are also correct in pushing solar and wind. With these 3, they can have CHEAP energy, combined with energy security.
Here in the states, I look forward to getting my powerwall on our house. Between a 10 KW solar system, an 85 kwh MS, a coming Model 3, and hopefully, a 10 kwh battery, I think that we shall have energy independence in OUR house.

Comment Re:How hard is it to find emails? (Score 1) 476

It's not a disqualification when there's no real alternative.

Define "no real alternative". Gary Johnson, a former governor and good guy, is a "real alternative' to both Clinton and Trump. If you are stuck voting for the Republicrats and the Demicans, that isn't my problem, it is yours.

And if you can't find an actual reason beyond "I can't vote for the other person" as a reason to vote "for" someone, perhaps you should try expanding your horizons beyond the two parties.

Comment Re:Pile it on.. (Score 3, Funny) 184

While you are correct, that those things exist, so does the wolf the boy cried over in that parable.

I realize that it works, which is why it is such a popular technique. Mentioning Saggy pants and how stupid they are, gets me labeled "racist". To which I usually respond ... "I didn't know saggy pants was genetic". If Saggy pants was genetic, I would assume it would apply more to the flat assed white people (and some Asians), but they seem to be able to keep their pants on.

But I understand why you wouldn't want to admit the Boy Who Cried Wolf applies here.

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