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Comment Re:Can't see the forest for all the trees (Score 1) 251

Batman vs Superman was an okay one time movie, not worth the popcorn and soda that a theater experience requires, but watchable one time movie, just to see WonderWoman and Aquaman.

Certain actors shouldn't fill certain roles. It would have been much better to find an unknown to play Batman than put Ben Affleck in that role. He doesn't have the ability to pull it off. Being behind the mask, requires greater acting ability than normal, because you have to convey more with movement. It doesn't work for Ben as Batman. Though He works in "The Accountant" because his acting ability is fairly wooden, like the character, it works.

Henry Cavill sort of works for Superman, mainly because he "looks" the part.

Comment Re: chip on your shoulder (Score 1) 221

I'll sum-up your post: To force all breast-feeding mothers outside of public places is a non-issue.

Well, I beg to differ. If you're offended by nature, stay home and clse the shades. Let the mothers breastfeed wherever the fuck they want.

That very righteous of you.
So really, in your world view, Europe and most of the world is pretty intolerant for forcing people to wear cloths since we are born naked so are naked by nature.

Comment Re:Sounds nice! (Score 1) 76

Okay, well, with a cut-down population, you also lose the labor required to produce to support the population. Then labor becomes a short resource. Without a labor reserve, you can't take advantage of technical progress, and so the economy becomes unstable and poverty becomes more wide-spread, rather than the normal model of developing better access to food, clean water, and healthcare as technology improves.

It is true that population does expand to fit our current resources, but it is not true that = constant scarcity.

Population expands to fit our current resources because it hits a wall. Communist leaders have not spent the past 10,000 year of human history dictating how many children each family shall have to properly manage global resources; we've just expanded until maximum.

That means, yes, we expand until scarcity. We expand until the cost to acquire food starts increasing. We advance until the number of farmers needed grows proportionally-faster than the number of people being born. We expand until we can't build houses fast enough to house all these people, can't mine oil fast enough to provide all the industrial services they need, and so forth. Then we get more poor people and continued expansion necessarily will cause a rise in unemployment, a rise in poverty, and a visible and obvious economic recession, which slows population growth.

Comment Re:Sounds nice! (Score 1) 76

Look at the United States, the United Kingdom, China, France, and Germany. Sure, there seems to be tons of food, employment, etc... except if you're in the bottom 5% of the country, since we have about 5% unemployment and about half of those are begging on the streets and getting their food from trash cans.

In African nations, they have a lower quality-of-life and a reduced standard-of-living. They outbreed the failures of their healthcare systems--we do, too, but we have great healthcare and so don't have to have 18 kids to ensure 2 survive polio and malaria--and have a population limited by availability of things like food.

In America and Europe, the population spiked around the 1920s. There was food scarcity, and so a lot of Nobel-Prize-winning work went into developing new agricultural tools and methods. In a world with 1.9 billion people and an add of around 100 million per year, we suddenly saw growth to 3.2 billion people in less than a decade as food became more-accessible.

So yes, historically, this is how it works. Not how it might work; not how it works with foxes and lemmings; this is how it works with people, throughout human history.

Also, people are rational agents; they simply don't always have 100% of all information available. They make a rational decision based on imperfect information.

Comment Re:A way better solution (Score 1) 186

[In Britain,] If you cross the line on red, you've broke the law, whether it was red for 0.1 seconds or 10 years (note: you can't even cross it if an emergency vehicle appears behind and you need to cross it to let them pass... it's AGAINST THE LAW to cross the line once the light is red).

How is a motorist stopped at such an unresponsive signal expected to recover the use of his or her vehicle?

Comment Re:A way better solution (Score 1) 186

Basically, their lights flash green 5 times before they go to yellow, giving you ample time to know that the green period ends.

A pre-yellow warning phase also causes motorists to increase speed inappropriately, which is why the United States has not adopted a pre-yellow vehicular phase.

Comment Re:40.000 deaths (Score 1) 186

Often blatant red light violations come from intersections with no left turn arrow. Frustrated drivers wait an entire light cycle (or four), and then finally just go when the opposite lane clears as the light turns red.

If you're referring to intersections that show the left* lane a green disc instead of a green arrow, the proper maneuver is a "LEFT TURN YIELD ON GREEN" as described in the driver's manual. First enter the intersection while the signal is green. Then by the time it turns red, you're already legally in the intersection and have the right and duty to clear it once oncoming traffic to your left ceases.

Or are you referring to left turn lanes whose signal doesn't turn green because its buried induction loop is failing to pick up your vehicle?

* Assuming USA and other countries that drive on the right.

Comment Fullscreen to be restricted to secure cont (Score 1) 221

I think that has something to do with browser publishers deprecating the Fullscreen API on cleartext HTTP sites to make it harder for a man in the middle to impersonate your device's operating system. (Search keyword "secure contexts".). Do the pages an where embedded YouTube video falls to go full screen use HTTPS or cleartext HTTP?

Comment Re: Youtube lost me to forced ads. (Score 1) 221

please keep in mind that a lot of us watch youtube on our "smart-tv" devices, Nintendos, Xbox's Youtube app etc.

Or use a HOSTS file ad blocker.

Editing the hosts file requires root access. Root access is difficult to come by other than on personal computers. You'd need to run your own DNS to cover devices where only the manufacturer, not the owner, has root.

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