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Journal Journal: WTF are all you people reading? 3

I find it amazing that I have more fans now than I did last month, and I haven't posted in that month, and THAT was a technical post, rather than a political opinion.

I can't assume that I know any of y'all, but hi. As that one guy's sig says, "Tell me your stories!"

Since I check someone's posts and journal out before I add them to my friend list, I'll throw in some stuff for you all to compare so you know what you're getting here.

Political theory of the moment - it doesn't matter if you're a capitalist or a communist or an individualist or an anarcho-syndicalist if we lived in a truly decentralized stateless society. It saddens me that most self-identified anarchists feel differently. Of course, the U.S. (where I live) couldn't remotely handle a stateless society, since the violent people will beat the shit out of the pacifists and take their food. Which is why I'm incredibly anti-authoritarian but not an anarchist, except on alternate Wednesdays. Just as a capitalist democracy privileges the wealthy, anarchist society would privilege the violent, at least in the short term and possibly long-term as well. To quote my friend, "We tried this system. It's called European History." Come to think of it, that's my, "There'd always be a Dubya" corrolary.

I love that GPL'ed software is used by hard-core right-wingers.

I'd run Debian, but I'm too stupid. I ran Windows 98 95% of the time for the past several years. Now that I'm done with video games I run it about 10% of the time, and Red Hat 8 the rest.

I am an (expired) card-carrying member of the ACLU.

Me in two URLs:

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