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Journal JonToycrafter's Journal: WTF are all you people reading? 3

I find it amazing that I have more fans now than I did last month, and I haven't posted in that month, and THAT was a technical post, rather than a political opinion.

I can't assume that I know any of y'all, but hi. As that one guy's sig says, "Tell me your stories!"

Since I check someone's posts and journal out before I add them to my friend list, I'll throw in some stuff for you all to compare so you know what you're getting here.

Political theory of the moment - it doesn't matter if you're a capitalist or a communist or an individualist or an anarcho-syndicalist if we lived in a truly decentralized stateless society. It saddens me that most self-identified anarchists feel differently. Of course, the U.S. (where I live) couldn't remotely handle a stateless society, since the violent people will beat the shit out of the pacifists and take their food. Which is why I'm incredibly anti-authoritarian but not an anarchist, except on alternate Wednesdays. Just as a capitalist democracy privileges the wealthy, anarchist society would privilege the violent, at least in the short term and possibly long-term as well. To quote my friend, "We tried this system. It's called European History." Come to think of it, that's my, "There'd always be a Dubya" corrolary.

I love that GPL'ed software is used by hard-core right-wingers.

I'd run Debian, but I'm too stupid. I ran Windows 98 95% of the time for the past several years. Now that I'm done with video games I run it about 10% of the time, and Red Hat 8 the rest.

I am an (expired) card-carrying member of the ACLU.

Me in two URLs:

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WTF are all you people reading?

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  • I'd be happy living in my little anarchist fantasy while all the democracy people can form their own little commune and enjoy mob rule.

    However, I'm very leery of the fact that sooner or later, the democracy people will decide it's in my best interests to become part of their society. They'll come over with their guns and 'persuade' me to join in their happy little circle.

    Therein lies the problem with pure anarchy: it creates a utopia (like communism) that is only sustainable with perfect people.

    So, for now, all I feel like fighting are the various stupid laws used to keep people from doing what they want.

    The 'hard' anarchists who want nothing more than to get into fights are mostly teenage punks. Most of them will have abandoned the cause in a few years, but hopefully the theories will have snuck into the heads of a couple of them.

    • by GMontag ( 42283 )
      We have plenty of the elements of an anarchistic society here in the US anyway, YMMV by location.

      For exapmple, as long as you don't get pulled over or get into a car wreck, you can drive without a license for years. Driving without tags is trickier, but doable.

      If you do not broadcast your residence, you can avoid warrants (quite setrious ones) almost indefinately as the police in most places do not even bother looking for people under warrants (unless they killed a cop or a federal employee of some sort).

      Most of our monitary transactions occur with no oversite. Nothing is stopping a Deli owner from charging you $100 for a coke after the fact and calling the police will most likely get *you* tossed in jail. This rarely happens since most people accept the "deal", deli owner and patron alike. Shady financial transactions occur frequently, with no penalty. This drug nonsense is a reall puddler. The state can not stop those transactions in prisons and pretend to be stopping them on the street (I am no fan of either side of that issue).

      It's not as good as if it were all "legal", but we have the next best thing.
      • True, true.

        However, the intellectual concept of a system of laws on the books that allow for me to be thrown into jain at any time those in charge (cops/politicians/media) decide I've been 'bad' scares me more than any of my misdeeds.

        However, most of America's still worried about terrorism. I await the day people wake up to the laws that have been passed in the past two years.


I've got a bad feeling about this.