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Comment Re:Stop getting bullet theory from movies. (Score 2) 175

Two telephone books (do they even print those anymore?) will (just) stop a 9mm. That's FMJ -- and a reasonably large metropolitan area telephone book. Even a .22 LR will penetrate a couple of inches.

Military rifle ammo won't stop for much short of a couple of railroad ties. (The old standard for 7.62mm NATO and similar was that it had to penetrate a steel helmet at 1000 yards. Modern 5.56mm (.223) stuff is a little wimpier -- but will still easily go through a car door at close range.)

Comment Re:Mass Impersonation (Score 2) 122

You might want to read up on how aircraft navigated before GPS (and still do, to some extent). In addition to ATC beacons, RDF (radio direction finding) off of commercial AM broadcasting stations was and is a thing. Triangulating from two isn't that hard for a human, it's a trivial task for a computer. Good luck overriding the signals from a few multi-kilowatt commercial broadcast towers.

Comment Re:Total Capacity (Score 4, Informative) 192

No, actually pretty similar on average; the solar may even edge it. The nuclear reactor obviously has higher power at night, but much lower power during the day than the solar. The average capacity factor of solar is about 10-20% depending on location, so 9GW of solar will produce somewhere between 0.9GW and 1.8GW on average, whereas this is a 1.2GW reactor; and the solar was installed much, much more quickly, and probably cost roughly the same or even less than the nuclear.

Comment Re:Not just boring. (Score 1) 184

I was wondering whether somebody would comment on the Mars connection. Musk doesn't seem to do anything without there being a Mars connection.

Well observed. (Although radiation isn't that extreme, it is a concern ... as are meteorites that the thin atmosphere also doesn't shield too well from. This may be as much about mining (digging for ice deposits?) as about tunnels to live in.)

Comment Re:Automation of the military (Score 2) 210

Oh, not looking the enemy in the eyes started long, long before Dresden, or even The Blitz. Hell, it was old when the English at Crecy and Agincourt rained death on the French with longbow and cannon. It was probably old when Xerxes attempted to do the same (well, sans cannon) to the Greeks at Thermopylae.

War isn't a contact sport, it's a continuation of politics by other means.

Comment Re:We need progressive nuclear programs. (Score 1) 139

> So for filling in the gaps we NEED something else, no way around it. Between 'cheap' coal, oil, natural gas, or covering land masses with biofuel crops, a modern design nuclear plant isn't a bad option.

Yeah, but the thing is, it is a bad option.

Forget fallout, meltdowns etc. Nuclear is expensive per kW.

Because of that nuclear plants are pretty much run flat out, as baseload, to get the kWh cost down to something that is remotely competitive. I mean, you can run them at half power, but when you do that, those kWh that are made are made at twice the price; and they weren't all that cheap to start with. So, using a nuclear plant to fill in for the 20% of time; isn't going to happen.

No, for filling in when both the wind and sun aren't producing, you need a cheap source of power; a gas turbine, or a hydroelectric plant or a diesel plant or similar, something ideally using a biofuel.

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