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Comment Are they subtitling, or distributing the movie? (Score 2) 137

Most fansubs I have seen are rips and re-encodes of the video with the subtitles baked into the video. That is clearly a derived work and subject to copyright law. If they just distributed an .srt file then they might not have the problem. There's technical issues with rendering the .srt from within an Amazon or Netflix player, or on your streaming media box, but that could be dealt with.

Comment Let's play a game called "balanced viewpoint" (Score 1, Interesting) 254

I had never heard of the website liked, but you could be pretty sure it would be one of those left leaning Fake News sites - the "Trump's XXXXXX" title gave that away.

So I went and found a balanced article (the link that should have been provided by the rabid Trump-Hater to begin with).

From the article:

Supporters of Pai's plan discount concerns that prices will rise, saying there's already significant competition in the BDS market. Critics who see a lack of competition "subdivide this market and make all these distinctions" to reach their own conclusions,..In 2016, the FCC found that competing networks within a half mile of a location served by a single provider "had a competitive effect" on pricing, Banks noted.

One again Trump Haters ignore reality and will end up wondering why things didn't turn out like they thought. If only reality ACTUALLY had a liberal bias as claimed!

Comment This is how PINs should work (Score 1) 84

Instead of entering the PIN into the merchant's terminal, the terminal should just power the card, and I enter the PIN into the card. That way the merchant doesn't get my PIN. This was proposed in the 1990's and deemed impossible because nobody had chip cards and the technology would have been too expensive. Now that the government finally mandated chip cards, they are suddenly realizing all the features that we could have had long ago. It's probably too late. We will all pay with smart devices in another decade.

Comment Re:Medical tricorder (Score 1) 44

As it stands now we do not have any certification program to allow anything to make medical diagnosis other than a medical doctor degree

That is not true. We do indeed have such a certification program. I write software that must pass such certification. Here's a brief overview of how this happens:

Suppose you urinate in a cup, and send that sample to a lab, and the lab personnel put that sample it into a Qiagen Symphony, or a BD Viper XTR, or a Roche Cobas; Or suppose you go to Walgreens and the employee with no degree whatsoever sticks a swap up your nose, and inserts the swab into a BD Veritor. In both cases, the medical instrument diagnoses the medical condition. The hardware+software made the diagnosis, not the human. The company that made that medical instrument got FDA approval for the hardware + software combination to perform a diagnosis. It's called a Pre-Market Approval (PMA). The PMA submission states what conditions must be met in order for the hardware+software to be viable. Ex: For a Veritor, it probably says "any schmoe with 15 minutes of training is sufficient." The other 3 instruments probably say "This certification applies only if the customer is in a BSL-3 lab following CLIA level 3 practices used by a lab technicial with blah blah training, using certain chemicals that meet certain rules..." Note that in the Walgrees+Veritor case there's no doctor involved anywhere. In the lab scenario, a doctor ordered the test. In both cases, no human being sees the raw data. Even a doctor does not have the knowledge required to turn the raw data into a diagnosis. That required a team of engineers, doctors, and statisticians to develop.

Comment There is a part that is forever - bureaucracy (Score 4, Insightful) 261

Politicians come and go and ideas are forever.

The problem is that while politicians may go, the bureaucracy they create does not. That essentially lasts forever, and has a great impact on what ideas are possible, if for no other reason than it drains funds form making some other idea possible.

Rather than term limits we need the concept of department limits, where each arm of a large bureaucracy must be voted to continue every ten years or so after justifying what it has done.

Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 1) 434

But a few years ago a local was prosecuted for using an old bath tub as a planter in their backyard. The kicker was that you couldn't see the bath tub from the street.

Since you couldn't see the bathtub from the street, it means one of the neighbors called him out on it. Such laws only get passed if someone asks for them. So in this case, the law seems to accurately reflect the views of the local residents. My bet is that this involved an HOA. Probably some passive-aggressive jerk in the neighborhood contacted the HOA or the police. The victim needs to just move far away.

Comment Re:Only thing stupid is your hot take (Score 1) 96

Given the fact the battery doesn't last 5 years of normal use and isn't user replaceable it is reasonable to think that the phone will indeed be worthless.

They normally last at least three years and at that point you can replace them at any Apple store for $79 in about an hour.

How is that "worthless" again?

Now, how about computers? No such artificial limitation is imposed on them.

Funny you should mention that, because after about three years I had to replace the battery in my laptop also...

In fact the limitations are identical.

Also, nowadays, a 5 year old computer is on average just 30% slower than a brand new one.

And a five year old phone works just fine as well. So?

HMM..... (whatever it's supposed to mean)

*rolls eyes*

Comment "probably NEVER"?? (Score 2) 96

I guess that is no longer a concern, what I see Apple doing is - don't buy a Samsung since we have neat new stuff that will probably never come out.

Why would it not come out? At this point Apple has a proven track record of delivering new phones each year like clockwork. They've been reported to be working on edge to edge screens for years now. I see no reason to think they would not come out with new phones, and it's beyond obvious they would do something special for an anniversary phone.

and still use wired headphones so I'm not really on Apples radar anymore.

I only use wired headphones myself, which is why with my iPhone 7 I simply USE THE ADAPTOR THAT COMES WITH THE iPHONE FOR FREE IN THE BOX.

Your radar is broken, not Apples.

Comment Also allows ownership change (Score 2) 65

Something that just happened recently on a system update, was that it asked if I wanted to change ownership of my iMovie license - in the past I had installed iMove under a different user, so I could not update it when logged into the iTunes account I use for Mac apps...

So that has gotten better as well, probably part of the same change where they don't care if you switch the owner to be a different iCloud user as long as you are running on a Mac.

Comment Great point (Score 1) 144

That's really interesting, I had not heard that before and I'll admit it adds a lot of weight to the notion that a lawsuit would not get anywhere.

But I think the conclusion was incorrect and if a lawyer played it more as violation of copyright of non-facts, you could own a case today. Lastly, it also just adds more weight to the theory you should not sue for anything reasonable where the 9th circuit might be involved in the appeal...

Comment Only thing stupid is your hot take (Score 1) 96

so to celebrate the anniversary of smart phones people are going to buy some "special" $1000 phone that will be worthless in less than 5 years?

How much did you spend on your computer?

How much will it be worth in five years?

Then factor in that most people now use phones more often than computers...


Comment Aha, BUT (Score 2) 144

The collection of facts is not copyrightable, of course.

But it's not JUST a collection of facts. Recall he put in the names of friends with false details. Those are not FACTS, they are FICTION and therefore under copyright, which Google is now violating on a massive scale.

Furthermore facts may not be copyrightable but exact wording is. As the copying of his friends shows Google appears to have copied his database wholesale, and offers proof that wording being the same is not a coincidence.

It is in fact very simple, he has clear and absolute proof that Google stole work product from him without paying. You don't need to be Perry Mason to extract money from Google under these circumstances.

Comment How is this not a jackpot??? (Score 0) 144

Google is plainly using data from his site, that is copyright infringement plain and simple.

This is a massive payday, and on top of that an opportunity to get Google to stop if he wishes.... I would just take the multi-million dollar settlement and hand over the rights to the data though.

There are many, many opportunities like this to create a honeypot, get someone large to steal it, and make them pay. Take advantage of them.

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