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Comment Re:VTOL planes a/k/a Widowmakers (Score 1) 134

Not all multi-rotors are plagued with the Osprey's woes.

An Uber multi-rotor would still need designated landing zones, guaranteed to be clear from people that can get hurt by a landing chop-o-matic. Especially so given its limited range and hover time.

It would be noisy as hell - very few neighbors would put up with a new Uber LZ next door, limiting it to mostly already designated heliports - not exactly numerous or conveniently located.

It's either going to be limited to flight in very favorable conditions, or very expensive to build.

All in all, it's a cool concept, but I don't see it being anything terribly different from light helicopters that have been available for decades. Perhaps a few dB quieter, but not quieter than a passing train. Perhaps a little cheaper than a light helicopter, but not less than 1/3 the cost (and then, would be have very limited operational weather.)

The main thing the "new VTOL" would have is lack of trained pilot onboard - reducing the vehicle mass by ~100kg.

Comment Re:lower infosec budgets will INCREASE hacking dam (Score 2) 183

More important to me than the cost of keeping out a professional thief (after all, it's only money), is the inconvenience of a bulletproof security system - that's impacting quality of life at home, and similarly impacts the efficiency of businesses that over secure their assets.

Comment Re:What? (Score 3, Interesting) 183

You do need to factor in the cost to the customers, which can be quite high when you "out" 50,000 customer credit card numbers... personally, I feel that the customers should be compensated actual cost of loss plus $100 for the hassle of having to jump all the security hoops associated with a CC# change. CC companies pay more than that in advertising to get a customer to switch to their CC.

Comment Re:lower infosec budgets will INCREASE hacking dam (Score 2) 183

In an optimal world, the costs would balance. If you spend zero on defense, then the breaches will increase due to the lack of defense. So, spend some on defense, make it harder to breach, breaches will always be possible, so where's the sense in spending more on defense than the breaches are costing?

Now, in military systems, the potential cost of a breach is rather high...

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