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Comment Re:Devil in the Details... (Score 1) 186

I smell a bug-fix at work here - something in the partial update rendering was not working on the first try, so they just render the entire window at 60fps and you never notice.

Responsiveness is good, but nervousness is not. When I'm staring at a page of code, I expect it to be static - not wobbling around at 60fps.

Comment Re:Rotten Tomatoes is getting self-important (Score 1) 343

No, but when I am walking by a Redbox in the grocery store and a title and "cover image" intrigue me, Rotten Tomatoes or whatever else Google brings up for a voice search on the movie title is a lot better gauge of whether or not this thing is worth $3 and 2 hours of my time. The self-promotional synopses are practically useless for judging the quality of entertainment they are describing.

Comment Re:Maps technology is lost... (Score 2) 158

I'm pretty good with direction finding, but I do find myself using satnav as a crutch mostly for final approach problems in urban areas, and whereas I might have to study a map once to plan a route and execute it, if I'm using satnav I might have to drive the route 2 or 3 times to get the same confidence in repeating the exercise as I would for map study plus one execution - no surprise, the study step has been removed, so learning should be expected to be less on the first trip.

What also makes a difference in my route learning is whether I'm just navigating myself to a location, or if I'm listening to satnav for directions while planning some future event with my wife and managing the children's behavior in the back seat, etc. - again, satnav will handle the navigation for me well enough, even if I'm not paying attention to what it's doing - and no surprise if I learn less while 3 other things are going on.

Comment Re:I've noticed that, but something else interesti (Score 3, Insightful) 158

You don't trust the person, the SatNav is there to guide you through missed turns, traffic jams ahead, and generally is a superior navigator to anyone you've ever had in the passenger seat reading a map, because the SatNav has access to more and better information.

Comment Re:Cash (Score 1) 270

If you convert your USD to a foreign currency, then gain or lose money due to fluctuations in that investment, then convert it back to USD, you pay taxes on gains or deduct losses from income otherwise taxed. BTC is no different from stocks, forex, or any other non-US dollar investment, it varies in value over time and those variations are taxed as capital gains (short or long term) when you cash out the investment.

If you've got vendors willing to accept payment in BTC, or foreign currency then you effectively avoid the capital gains issue, unless you get large scale about it and then you may have to pay tax on a barter transaction (e.g. say I purchased, mined, or otherwise acquired 200 BTC back in 2009 and in 2016 I bought a house with them, there will be tax, whether dollars were involved or not, it's a barter transaction and will be taxed at fair market value of the goods exchanged.)

OP is bitching that nobody accepts BTC, boo hoo, convert your BTC to dollars and they will accept it all day long, but the dollars come with a capital gains tax. If you have markets that _do_ accept BTC, then kudos, enjoy your shadow economy while it lasts - if it gets big enough, it too will be regulated and taxed.

Comment Re:Bias from personal preference (Score 1) 183

My cube is now slightly less than 6'x6', so I can reach out and touch opposite walls at the same time, but, hey, I have a real window, so that's nice.

If those walls went to the 9' ceiling, I think I'd get severe claustrophobia - even with the window.

Just as well, less distractions at home with the wife and kids than in the office with the co-workers.

Comment Re:That's pretty smart (Score 1) 249

So their claim is that her old meter was defective by a factor of 5?

I think it's likely that she has some devices that are causing the new meter to give the higher reading, it would be far more helpful for the electric company to help her identify those devices (and eliminate or replace them if they are unimportant or inexpensive), instead of a BS €900 calibration fee that will just show that their (sensitive/defective) device is working as expected.

If the meters are so smart, they should be able to tell you how much a device is costing you per month when you plug it in; yes, yes, confounding factors from other devices varying loads, but if your bill is going up by 5x, something is making a big/detectable difference in there.

Comment Re: Translation (Score 1) 203

If you find yourself processing a set of 100 images, doing the same repetitive 27 operations over and over, you probably could benefit from Photoshop.'

If you mostly just crop, clone, color balance and blur - you don't even need GIMP, but you may as well use it for the rare occasion when you want to build a layered image.

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