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Comment Re:Country? [Re:As a C programmer] (Score 1) 307

For complicated products like photo-copier software, perhaps, but I'm thinking more of simpler gizmos, like the fan and toilet seat described earlier. That's where I see an increase computerization. The complicated things had chips for decades, but crock-pots, Barbies, etc. are getting them too now.

Comment Re:Russian VPN != "Works for Russia" (Score 1) 692

Reading shit headlines like that always brings home the fact that most reporters are almost completely ignorant about the subject matter at hand, and will generally spew whatever their "sources" tell them, even if the primary article says something completely different.

It gets worse than that. You've got a lot of credible (until now) technical commentators on Twitter and elsewhere regurgitating this crap as fact. It's clickbait nonsense.

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 1) 692

Who got caught? Did you read the article? Did you actually visit ThreatConnect's website and read their best guess? Based on the evidence they presented, it only suggests that a Russian VPN provider was involved in the obfuscation of the originating network. The rest of the analysis is click-bait speculation and should be disregarded.

Indeed. It's utter bullshit and a trail of incredibly obvious and bludgeoned together obvious breadcrumbs. What's worse is that you've got a lot of technical commentators on Twitter and elsewhere lapping it up, who now have no credibility whatsoever.

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