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Journal Journal: Drudgedot Pride In Ignorance, Part 358

Start here . This was in reply to my comment (that oddly enough eventually ended with a +4 score in spite of being tagged "flamebait" and "troll" multiple times) on the bizzaro article from last week on Universal Basic Income. The comment I linked to comes from a very peculiar (even by drugdedot standards) slashdot conservative with the handle prof_robinson. Fo

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 898

jesus you're just another commie peddling failed ideologies.

No, I am trying to teach you something about Communism, as you are sorely lacking in knowledge on the topic. If you would stop insulting me and start reading you would realize where your many deficiencies are. You keep applying your favorite lies in the place of facts, and then you use them to build an attack against me.

I don't need to "prove" a connection between organized crime and communism; every single communist country has it.

I can prove that every single capitalist society has murderers in it. Does that mean that a capitalist society brings about murder? Your claim is - at best - non sequitur.

From the Red Mafia in the Soviet Union, to the graft and corruption in Cuba, to the hundreds of people in China executed every year for corruption.....everywhere communism takes root

Of those three, Cuba is the closest to an actual Communist state. By the time Stalin took power in the USSR it was no longer a reasonable approximation of a Communist state. What Mao did in China was hardly ever a good approximation of one. Indeed, if you were to take the time to read The Communist Manifesto (which is available freely on line and is not a long read should you ever care to educate yourself) you would find that Marx never intended for Communism to be applied to a large country (he actually had Germany in mind when he wrote it).

And since communism is literally based on the theft of people's labor en masse

You could not be further from the truth on that statement. Communism is about people being fairly compensated for their labor. Why are you attempting to lecture me on this topic when you literally don't know the first thing about it?

I'm done talking to you.

I wish you would have started using facts at some point in this thread. If you would ever like to have a discussion based on facts, feel free to come back. What you presented looks more like a parody of a discussion than an actual one.

You're obviously so brainwashed by leftism

You have absolutely no grounds from which to support any part of that statement.

how about you move to Venezuela and leave us alone?

Why should I need to leave? I thought this was supposed to be the land of the free, yet you are trying to tell me I need to go. I pay my taxes, I follow the law. Why are you entitled to live here but not me?

It is, after all, the end-product of all that you desire.

If you want to surprise me, try giving us a sentence that is supported by facts. You didn't have a single one in this comment. Not a single one.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 898

What you're missing is that you earlier claimed that CPUSA endorsed Clinton, which is an outright lie. CPUSA members are free to do as they wish, the party did not give an endorsement at all this year. Because the chairman gave an almost-endorsement to Clinton does not in any way equate to the party itself endorsing her.

In other words, your earlier claim of CPUSA endorsing Clinton is just as counter to reality as your simultaneous claim that the Socialist Party - which very much has its own candidate for POTUS - endorsed her.

DiscoverTheNetworks is NOT a blog

It does no reporting of its own. It carries a deep political agenda that ignores facts that are counter to its agenda. It is far more a blog than a news source, and you are pretending it to be the latter.

"about organizing workers in a revolution against the controllers of industry so that workers get a fare shake."

yeah, that's what has happened [eyeroll]

Workers do vastly better in socialist economies than they do in ours, that is a fact. Just as in any other system of governance though to make it work you need to keep self-serving politicians from the reigns of power - and the best known Soviet-style governments failed miserably to do that and quickly became a parody of Communism rather than an application of it.

which explains every organized crime movie, ever.

Care to explain what you think the connection is between organized crime and actual communism? I suspect in doing so you will only end up demonstrating how hilariously uninformed you are about the latter (although to have less of an understanding of it than what you have already shown would be a feat).

Comment Re:Problem is effects now are from 20 years ago (Score 1) 342

Not sure where you got this 100 year figure, but I'd think critically about that if I were you. CO2 is a very stable molecule. Plants are not good at sequestering CO2 since they die, rot, and emit CO2 and other greenhouse gasses (unless biochar or another carbonization method is employed). The biosphere exchanges carbon with the atmosphere, but the amount in circulation doesn't change quickly. Formation of CaCO3, Oil, coal, and some other carbon-containing inorganic materials subtracts from the carbon being exchanged between atmosphere and biomass , but these are accumulated in the crust by geological process involving plate tectonics, so they are extremely slow. I think conservatively (and a quick google search confirms) that it will take 1000's of years (perhaps 10's or 100's of thousands) of years for CO2 to return to a level closer to where we started before the industrial revolution unless we intervene somehow. Assuming we eventually quit *adding* to the CO2 in the atmosphere.

Recent 2015 textbook for ENVIR 450

Effectively, assuming new creation, effect is 100 years, NO2 is 10-20, methane circa 10.

Comment The end of computing (Score 2) 388

It seems in the mad rush to monetize everything and everyone developers and designers have been forced to foreswear anything resembling common sense.

As we have seen over the decades, Microsoft slowly but surely hid basic functionality from the user through every iteration of its operating system. I have a W95 machine where I can get to things faster than I can on my W7 machine, and substantially faster than on my dad's W10 machine.

For its part Apple has liked to see itself at the vanguard of elegant computing, specifically the design of a computer. As we are all aware, nothing is let out the door of Apple which hasn't been dissected to the nth degree.

While its operating system works, its flaws and quirks are just as numerous and like Microsoft, with each iteration they further disassociate the person from the OS, thinking they are making things easier. As the decision to remove the headphone jack from the iPhone showed, nothing is simpler when you remove basic functionality.

Now comes their latest foray into the schizzle: no ESC key or power button. Nothing physical at least. Only some vague, wispy area to touch which one hopes will do what they want but will, as time and experience has shown, fail at every given opportunity.

As the last two stalwarts slug it out for eyeballs, Linux plods along, years behind in functionality but always with the same mantra, "This year will be the year of Linux on the desktop!", as if saying the same thing over and over will make it true. Sorry, you are not Dorothy and you do not have a pair of red shoes.

We arrive now at the beginning of the end for computing. Where once people could do what they wanted with what they purchased, where getting something done was held above what shade of font to place against a white background, now we must overcome the need to show how clever we are through our brilliance of design which lacks anything resembling ease of use.

Within the next decade we will see how our vain attempts to design the most perfect machine will thwart the progress we so ruefully wish for. As is always the case, the more complicated a machine the more easily its performance can be degraded through simple acts. As the most recent attacks on high profile web sites have shown, thanks to the very technologies we claim will make our lives easier, we are now progressing to an age where we have made it much easier for those who wish to subvert or destroy that which is built.

All because developers and designers are more interested in eye candy than functionality, reliability and simplicity.

Comment Thoughts (Score 1) 388

1. Apricot did the "Small display integrated with keyboard" thing with a bunch of their MS DOS machines in the 1980s. You could use it as a calculator, and apps could address it directly. It was a good idea, but the lack of it on the PC meant they quietly dropped the feature when they switched to making PC clones.

2. So they're losing Esc, but they're keeping the Caps Lock key? Even Google has the design sense to lose that.

Comment Re: Hmm... (Score 1) 225

With automated interstate driving, you could send a truck from NYC to LA in about 1 day.

I have no idea how you think a truck can go across the country in 1 day. Sure, some guys recently did the Cannonball Run in just over a day, but that was at high speed and with plenty of tricks to not be stopped by police.

Google maps shows the time as 41 hours, and that assumes no traffic and traveling the posted speed limit. From my recent perspective of having driven large amounts of miles while on vacation (4,100 this month and 3,600 in May), I can guarantee you need to add a few hours to whatever Google says, especially since these trucks will still be limited to the posted speed limit.

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