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Submission + - Wi-Fi hacking, with a handheld PDA

JimMcc writes: "The Zero Day Blog over at ZD Net has an article describing a PDA sized hand-held device made by Immunity, Inc. which provides automated penetration testing of Wi-Fi networks. It will also, it instructed to do so, automatically launch known exploits. It is designed for use by a novice.

The idea is to give pen testers a tool to launch exploits wirelessly in the most covert fashion. At startup, Silica offers the user the option to scan for available open Wi-Fi networks. Once a network is found, the device connects (much like a laptop at Starbucks) and asks the user if it should simply scan for vulnerable/open ports or launch actual exploits from CANVAS.
They say that they try to thoroughly vet purchasers to determine if they are legitimate, but admit that the device will certainly fall into the wrongs hands."

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