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Comment Hypocrisy Much? (Score 1) 156

I find it interesting that the individual, David Davis, who filed the complaint with the EU is also a strong member of the Brexit group.

No, no, no, we do not want to be part of the EU. Oh, wait a minute. We want to take advantage of some of its laws. In that case, well, never mind. But for everything else we need to get out of the EU.

It's good to see that the USA doesn't have a lock on political hypocrisy.

Comment Re:Could be fun (Score 5, Insightful) 137

Right. Because companies abandoned China in droves because of their evil policies.

Oh, wait. No their didn't. Every man and their dog wants to move in to the massively growing and profitable market of China.

The UK is the same deal. It's a massive financial and tech hub, so companies aren't going anywhere.

Though they ARE busy trying to wreck that with the Brexit.

The population of China is roughly 1.4 billion people. The population of England is 0.053 billion. England has 4% of the population of China. Tech companies care a lot more about the marketplace of China than they do about England.

So that leaves the "massive financial and tech hub" you describe in England. How many financial companies are going to want to maintain, never mind expand, their presence in a country which is allowed to actively monitor their most secure communications? If I were CEO of a global financial company I would be very concerned about the backlash from my customers if my company were to remain in such a country.

Comment Another Revenue Source for Carriers? (Score 2) 97

I didn't read them all, but T-Mobile's solution is an app which you install on your smart phone. The description says that it's a free trial and they state up from that it is a paid service. So if you want protection from spam/scam calls you need to pay extra. I get tired of the various carriers nickle and diming you to death.

Comment Re:Other than Brother... (Score 1) 387

Because paper still needs to be used. I have customers that request paper invoices. I send them paper invoices so that I get paid. I have vendors that have no means of accepting payment other than by check. It is a lot easier to print out a complex troubleshooting or repair guide to use at a remote location than by trying to balance a tablet in some dark corner of a boat. The IRS still requires paper forms to be mailed to them. The local ferry system requires you to present a reservation sheet with its barcode and the ticket printed with its barcode. And the list goes on and on. My business is substantially digital, but paper is still required.

Comment Problematic for EMTs and other First Responders (Score 1) 167

As an EMT I always wear gloves on scene. There are numerous apps which are good reference sources which get used on scene. If in fact the new iPhone 7 can't be turned on while wearing gloves, there is a huge number of first responders that most likely won't be upgrading to the new iPhone.

Comment Depends on how the receiver absorbs the message (Score 1) 290

For some people, like myself, it can be difficult to understand a recorded message without visual clues and context. Even with visual clues, I prefer to read most content. If my mind skips a cog I can easily reread the previous sentence, but with a voice recording you spend more time trying to go back, landing in the middle of some previous sentence, listen forward to what you were looking for while retaining the context, and then trying to get back into the stream of what was being said.

Comment Messenger and Payments? (Score 4, Insightful) 40

And Facebook wants to use the messenger app to send payments? If they have this much trouble with basic security over social chatting, why should we trust them to handle payment processing? If you can't do the simple things right, you certainly can't be expected to successfully accomplish the difficult things.

Comment Distracted Driving? (Score 5, Insightful) 149

I use the Google Maps on my iPhone for navigating when I'm driving someplace unfamiliar. Does this mean that I'll have to be dismissing ads in order to see continue to have a useable navigation tool? I'm also not wild about the idea of pop up ads drawing my attention away from the road. Time will tell.

Comment Posting just to move past 666 (Score 1) 675

I was amused to note that the number of comments on this article was 666. It's intriguing that an article about the spawn of the devil, i.e. ads, should have 666 comments. So to prevent the devil gaining strength and ensuring ads for everyone, I offer this post to bring the number up to 667.

Your welcome.

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