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Journal Jeremiah Cornelius's Journal: Taco's Gone 12

And not ONE topical JE from the remnants of circledom?

Wow. We really are all still here, just out of habit.

I dunno. I keep getting the feeling to pull up stakes here and heading out... to Everything^2.

Or Uncyclopedia.

"The Rosetta Stone is an ancient Egyptian artefact with engraved text that provides The Fastest Way to Learn Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Guaranteed. "



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Taco's Gone

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  • If ... /. were setting up a paywall ... I would write about it.

    If ... /. were being bought out by Rupert Murdoch ... I would write about it ... then throw up ... or throw up then write about it ...

    If ... /. were closing ... I would write about it.

    If ... /. were setting up a suggestion box ... I would write about it ... and point them to all the suggestions we've all made over the years.

    If ... /. were giving users "editor for a day" ... I would write about it.

    If ... /. were starting a group projec

  • by rk ( 6314 )

    I feel Rob's been gone a long time now, anyway. Not much more to say about it. I've never been much the "blogger" type anyway. I spend the better part of my day writing code reviews, so I'm usually just written out when I get time to myself.

    I've not always agreed with his decisions, but I think a lot of people are way too hard on him, and it's easy to find fault after the fact. Though I think /. is a shadow of its former self, that's more due to the popularization of all things geek and more internet ac

    • I think the circle was driven away by the technical problems Slashdot has been having. It's just a chore to get anything done here now, whether writing a new JE or just trying to participate in a discussion (OMG! You replied less than FIVE MINUTES AGO!!! That must mean you're a SPAMMERRR!!!")

      And of course we hit Taco on it, well, we concentrated our fire on Pudge, but it was CT's site, and he seemed to be behind the major changes as it went through redesign after redesign with no apparent logic behind th

  • And not ONE topical JE from the remnants of circledom?

    I quit journaling here a little while ago, partly from lack of time and partly from frustration. That said, I still come here to read, and occasionally I'll get myself motivated enough to comment.

  • It was on the front page. Post about it by linking to it?

    • by gmhowell ( 26755 )

      What was on the front page? I don't see notice of Taco's departure. (And so soon after pudgely...)

  • "And not ONE topical JE from the remnants of circledom?"

    Just for novelty value, I have been working my ass of this week. 5.07pm Friday still at desk. Most of us in fact.

  • Plenty of circlers mentioned it. I saw posts on multiply, fb, g+...

  • I came here for the tech and Natalie Portman naked and petrified MEEPT!

    I stayed for the fascists.

    Typically I am one to overstay a welcome. I think I've overstayed the FUCK out of this one.

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