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I'm Calling It Now

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  • We can still get Texas a seventh flag by this time next year!

    • He's a dominionist, Constitution Party proxy.

      Bachmann will be his Hillary.

    • ... he is one of the least crazy looking R candidates.

      Oh, you're not looking closely enough. When people realize that each time they see him he has exactly the same look on his face somebody's going to ask what's wrong with him and then it'll be all over.

      I think Perry will actually be pretty easy to beat, for Romney or Obama if it comes to that. Just bring up his huge failures in Texas. That whole "Texas Miracle" thing is pretty easy to puncture, even for the simple minded.

    • Is it me or does he look like the love child of Reagan and Bush Jr? Kinda Bush's facial mannerisms and Reagan's hair.

      If he wins, it might be time to buy stock in Grecian 2000.

  • And I'll put money on it.

    As I've said elsewhere, this will be a mirror of 2004.
    • What, some right wing idiot "from" Texas will get elected, in large part because the Democratic base don't really trust their candidate to follow through with anything substantive?
  • At least, not if the GOP intends on running Perry as "another Bush". We already have another Bush in the white house - his name is Obama - and things aren't getting any better. Hence if Perry is nominated the only people voting for him are hyper-partisan, racist, or both. Because we don't win anything when we change administrations without changing policy.

    Yeah, that's right. I just played the race card. Because there is nothing else that separates Obama from Bush. And if Perry is another Bush then r

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