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The FAA Gave the First Ever Go-Ahead For a Drone To Fly at an Airport ( 44

It's not legal to fly your drone anywhere near an airport -- at least not without a special waiver from the Federal Aviation Administration. From a report: For the first time under the FAA's commercial drone rules, the agency granted permission to operate a drone at an airport. Seven flights were conducted by Berkeley, Calif.-based 3D Robotics on Jan. 10 at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, the busiest airport in the world. Restrictions on flying drones near airports have to do with safety. Not only can drones collide with planes, but seeing one can also distract a pilot. The 3D Robotics drone was given permission to collect data on two four-story parking structures at the airport that a construction firm was hired to demolish.

Comment Fond Memories (Score 1) 39


I can remember playing when I was a kid. Was so addictive and fun to play that people would gather around and try to beat each person before them, get the high score. Many a weekly allowance wasted on this title... but the better you got at the game, the cheaper it became to play.

Comment and once again, cutting corners in IT backfires (Score 5, Insightful) 117

I love reading when a company that is critical dependent on their IT infrastructure to function, cuts as many corners (and jobs) as possible in IT to save a buck, then has it all blow up in their face.

Target, Home Depot, United, Yahoo, etc.....they'll save millions, until they end up losing billions.

Comment Problem is - He's a US citizen (Score 4, Interesting) 54

so even if 100% of the service is hosted overseas, the gestapo errr FBI and NSA, will still put pressure on him to compromise the service.

Any more, you want fed proof email, 100% of the solution has to be fed proof.

That means non US citizens as employees working in a fed proof country, and servers hosted in a fed proof country.

I think proton mail fits this need well.

Comment I guess they don't have any thing better to do (Score 5, Insightful) 118

Not like there's a billion other things that 10 needs fixed.

The GUI is a confusing cluster fuck.
Windows "Apps" are a joke, and need to be killed.
Windows Update continues to be horribly broken.
20+ years of bloat keeps stacking up higher and higher.

But M$ decides they need to reinvent the paint. Genius idea there!

Comment I'm calling bullshit (Score 1) 585

M$ said the same thing with Skylake on Win7. And Skylake works fine on Win7, you just need to install the Intel INF drivers and the proper usb 3.0 drivers.

So unless Intel refuses to makes their drivers for Kaby Lake work on Win7 (and I don't think Intel is quite that stupid), this is a non issue.

Or to be more accurate, its more FUD and outright bullshit from M$.

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