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Comment Re:Internet activation killed PC games at GameStop (Score 1) 102

That was decided for GameStop when Valve introduced Steam. Before Steam was a download store for PC games, it was the Internet activation method for Half-Life 2. Once more PC game publishers adopted Internet activation, GameStop could no longer accept used PC games.

You mean instead of leveraging their position with Valve, they decided to throw the baby out with the bathwater. And in turn, other companies filled the niche that gamestop left behind. Now those places that sell hardware and software are successful in doing so, while they're looking at the complete collapse of their business.

Comment Re:It is in the nature of the business! (Score 1) 145

Yes, they stand on that mountain, but they are still building it!

All the more reason to question their overhead since this "mountain" was already climbed in 1969. You do realize there's almost nothing NASA is trying to do today that wasn't already done better, faster, and cheaper by the Apollo program, right?

Comment Re:Bestbuy owned you. (Score 1) 102

The same kind that decided a decade ago that PC games were no longer worth carrying. That having peripherals on site for sale was a bad idea. This isn't rocket surgery by any stretch, but no one there understands the market movements at all. It's pretty bad when walmart has a more in-depth PC gaming section(hardware and software) then a supposed game store.

Comment Re:Can't blame NASA (Score 1) 145

I wonder if Americans will ever figure out that privatization is a con job by oligarchs to get your money for themselves under the guise of efficiency.

I dunno. Americans still haven't figured out government programs are a con job by politicians to get our money for themselves under the guise of efficacy. "Hey Taxpayer! You're too stupid to know what to do with your own money so we will take it from you and spend it in ways we think are best for you! Don't object! It's for your own good!"

This is why I'm a Libertarian.

Comment Re: Can't blame NASA (Score 2) 145

Welcome to Trumponian politics.

You know, I seem to recall there might've been a different guy in the White House for the last eight years who oversaw the ridiculous F-35 program and did...well, nothing. Gosh, what was his name? O-something? But who cares, right? Since he was a Democrat he can do no wrong, and since Trump is a Republican he must be blamed for everything, including things he had nothing to do with.

Comment Re:But but but! (Score 1) 227

And you don't think some other nations might have a problem with that?

You say that as if we didn't have enough nuclear weapons already to wipe out nearly any nation on the planet without fear of counterattack. Why should we give a damn about what other nations think about a mass driver? If we wanted to be a serious threat to them it's not like they could do anything about it NOW so a mass driver wouldn't alter anything.

Comment Re:Inherent superiority (Score 3) 550

There is also a gap in what a persons fantasy life is vs what they publicly say and do. Ones fantasy life may not be inline with their own values. I am sure most of us has some sexual fetish that others will find distasteful. And we well know if we fully try to find our fantasy it will be just impractical.
This is the problem on spying on people and digging up dirt on them. They find something then extrapolate an intention that isn't based on reality.

Comment Re:While its not my cup of tea (Score 1) 550

Still there is an issue of firing someone over their sexual preferences. He may be prominent person in the project but still he is a general nobody (like all of us). In the terms of PR there isn't really that level of backlash. For most people they have their fantasy life and then their real life and most people know their fantasy may not be practical, healthy, or good past the end of the sexual urge.
Being the prevalent of information on every sort of fetish available on the internet I expect most people may have something in their browser history that is questionable and may say something against the normal values that you stand up for.

Comment Re:Bad headline. (Score 1) 47

The links provided by the pirate sites should not be illegal. After all, I want to avoid pirated content. A link is like you telling me where the local crack house is, so that I can avoid going near it. By getting thousands and thousands of links from pirate sites, I can avoid piracy on a big scale. Especially if it is searchable. What movie do I want to avoid pirating today? Um, oh, that one! Search for link, clickety clickety click. Ah, here are five links to that movie so that I can, um, avoid them today.

Submission + - What to do with the ISS? (

prisoner-of-enigma writes: As funding for the ISS runs out in 2024, what should be done with the ISS? It's only in the last few years the final modules were put into place. Seems a shame to just abandon billions of dollars worth of already-orbitting hardware. If NASA plans on just letting it burn up, why not offer it up for bidding to private industry instead?

Comment Re:Mint (Score 3, Informative) 477

The real question before the quick answer is what hardware do you have?
Mint and Ubuntu are relatively good at hardware support. However there may be that one piece of hardware that makes your experience difficult. An off brand wifi controller, an odd or too old or too new video card...
some distribution have a lot of these hardware drivers installed some may be missing that one particular devices some my be GNU pure so you will need to manually get a third party non gnu library to get it to work. Which may be annoying if say your wifi is out and there isn't an ethernet port.

Now Linux isn't horrible at hardware support and not meant to be scarry however some distributions work better than others based on different hardware configurations

Comment Re:Alternative media. (Score 2) 291

Fun things: He never fabricated any posts from her. He posted what he found online(which is why you always verify the source). He never encouraged his "legions of adolescent cranks" to attack her. She did however encourage her followers to attack him and other people in the past. She did and has posted racist material, directed at whites numerous times in the past. What's the difference though? Well she's black, and she's female. That seems to be the only difference. When someone posted her racist garbage on their own twitter feed as a quote, can you guess what happened? That's right, they were temporarily banned.

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