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Comment Re:Hypocrisy? (Score 0) 734

Report does not state they have any evidence that the Russians hacked nor leaked emails to wikileaks, just basically "we think they did this". Read the god dam report, it absolutely provides no evidence or new information.

...and how do you think the intelligence community came to that conclusion? Do you honestly need to crack open a dictionary to look up what the word "evidence" MEANS?


Comment dumping... for 3 years? (Score 1) 146

You mean someone has been dumping it for 3 years? Recent days we have seen insane price increase if you look over 3 years, it's a pretty consistent price increase. Sad you probably never read how bitcoin works and understand to true power of p2p transactions. If that would have been possible... would you have invest in the p2p communication called the Internet? Or the p2p file sharing torrent? Bitcoin is the next logical step against censorship.

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