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Comment SSL scam (Score 1) 81

I think you get it correctly, but do the way browsers are build you need a valid not-self signed certificate and Lets encrypt do exactly that... If you get hacked or have your system not working your certificate will expired after 90 days limited the problem of a forgotten certificate (for instance if you switch server). I'm a user for Lets Encrypts and as my existing certificate expired I'm replacing them all with this awesome services.

jQuery 3.0 Stops Supporting Internet Explorer Workarounds ( 80

An anonymous reader writes: Thursday's release of jQuery 3.0 is "the first version that features absolutely no workarounds for old Internet Explorer browsers," reports Softpedia. "If customers are still asking you to work with IE6, IE7, and IE8, then you should stick with jQuery 1.0 for the foreseeable future." The jQuery blog explains that over 18 months of development, "We set out to create a slimmer, faster version of jQuery (with backwards compatibility in mind)... It is a continuation of the 2.x branch, but with a few breaking changes that we felt were long overdue." Besides jQuery's free, open source JavaScript library, they also released a "slim" version that excludes ajax and effects modules (as well as deprecated code), and a new version of the jQuery Migrate plugin.

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