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Comment Re:Hacking review !== Election results review (Score 1) 481

From more reputable news sources: every recount in every other state had more votes for Trump coming out, when Michigan's recount started looking the same way, the Obama appointed judge stopped the recount on a technicality which had been cited before but ignored: Stein has no right to burden the tax payer with a recount since she never stood a chance.

oh DO tell what these "more reputable" news sources are.... well?

Comment USE CAUTION (Score 4, Insightful) 258

When cash is no longer "in your hand" then it's no longer in your control. A cashless society is a VERY slippery slope and needs to be treated as such.

Small moves are necessary to ensure that there are adequate solutions to the fears and doubts that people will inevitably have about such a move.

A cashless society means you are at the financial mercy of whomever is in control of the little 1s and 0s in the financial sector.... and it won't be you!

Comment Re:So, just... don't? (Score 1) 306

This whole employee (but really just contractor) setup is just a circumvention of labor laws. Placing all the liability and expenses on the drivers while leaving the pricing and rule setup to the company. Once these companies become successful then the circumvention of labor laws becomes a little more apparent and needing to be addressed.

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