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Comment Re:Hmm (Score 2) 952

No one in the West, especially NGOs, sponsored the Ukrainian protests over Yanukovych's refusal to listen to the people.

What are you smoking? Even the current mayor of Kiev was directly sponsored by a "NGO" that answers directly to our conservative party and hence Angela Merkel.

The people of Ukraine made it very clear they wanted closer ties with the EU and the West in general.

Some did, some didn't. Ukraine has been a very divided country in the past 25 years. But apparently for you only one part counts as people.

When Yanukovych ignored the will of the people he then ordered his Berkut security forces to murder the protestors, then fled into the arms of Putin for protection, taking with him hundreds of millions of dollars he had stolen from the Ukrainian people.

Even though Yanukovich had it coming, an armed rebellion would be dealt with harshly in every western country. Probably way more harshly than he did. I remember how the peaceful protests in Stuttgart against the planned reconstruction of the central railway station were brutally broken up by the Baden Wuerttemberg police.

Comment Re:Uh..... the price tag?! (Score 1, Informative) 184

I suppose you're largely paying for thin there. I can get a similarly speced Dell Precision with a touch screen and a 2TB SSD for about $1000 less (With Linux preiinstalled.) The Apple Trash Can is competing in the workstation arena, though, and I just did a monster VR desktop build and was having trouble breaking 4 grand with it. Although it would have been a lot easier if I were trying to put a Xeon or dual Xeon in it. The amount of labor I put in to building it myself probably would have tacked another $1000 or so onto the price.

Given that you'd be able to use that (Apple) machine for upwards of 10 years if you wanted to, the price isn't particularly unreasonable. My first aluminum mac pro from 2005-ish is currently serving as an asterisk box for a friend of mine who has a small business and needed a PBX system, and the machine is still plenty capable of doing that. It wasn't even ridiculously expensive for a dual Xeon workstation at the time -- I don't think I could have built one for less money back then.

Comment Re:BULLSHIT US saved Russia (Score 0) 952

Ah yes, I see that you have majored in Hollywood history.
First of all, the second front happened only when USA and UK have seen that Hitler was on the losing side - they didn't want the USSR to win the war completely on their own.

Second, the bullshit with "building up huge numbers" is, indeed, bullshit. It wasn't a strategy in first place since it happened only in bad fiction. Even more bullshit was the "never changed this strategy". The strategies of the red army in 1941 and in 1944 were seriously different. Just read this to see how professionally the red army was able to execute a solid plan. By 1945, well trained and equipped, the red army has utterly curb-stomped the Japanese Kwantung army in Manchuria in less than two weeks. Even before that (Moscow counter offensive of 1941 for example) the strategy of the Soviet high command has been decent, but due to lack of equipment the red army just wasn't mobile enough.

We did have superior training and equipment at first, but the Soviets got better after a while. The Soviets stopped us with blood and guts, but they won by good strategy and good equipment.

Submission + - Apple removes ESC key new Macbook "Pro" ( 2

fyngyrz writes: The Mac "Pro's" ESC key, used by many at the console / shell level, has apparently succumbed to overwhelming... courage. Er, design intent. Yeah, that's it. You have to admit, Apple is brave. No console-friendly person will be happy with this. I suspect that will be true to a degree where they'll be happy with... something other than a Macbook "Pro." BTW, those aren't "scare" quotes. Those are "no, wrong word" quotes. I could have gone with "pro[sic]", but... oy. Oh. And hey. You didn't want function keys, did you? Of course not... Okay, one hopes these missing features will at least sometimes, possibly, appear on the new touch bar, there to blunt the ends of your fingers as they use a key-striking habit to stomp on a touch surface.

Comment Re:Queue the world ending in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... (Score 2) 367

Perhaps using more hemp for paper and less wood pulp may be useful too. Pulp factories are fairly disgusting.
I'm not sure about the economics of recycling cardboard : could be good. But recycling paper is funnily fairly polluting (the chemicals printed on the paper were the main reason to make that paper to begin with). You might burn the paper, if that powers a municipal heat network it's not too bad.

I agree that we need some sort of guiding principles. As a matter of course, industry has the best access to media and advertising. So "green" solutions tend to be about buying a hybrid car or a 50" LED backlit TV, and we're asked to marvel at the efficiency. Well why the f.. would you need a 50" TV in the first place.

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