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Comment Re:Consumers lose again. (Score 1) 447

And I do... but this kind of nonsense inevitably affects the entire market... Apple raises prices and people still buy their products... Then other vendors raise their prices too... I know it's how our free market works... prices set at what the market is willing to pay... but it chips away at our power as the consumer (I hate that word by the way).

Comment Rights...where they begin and end... (Score 0) 584

I'm not one for censorship...but there is a societal difference between what is acceptable in public and private spaces... And while some believe we can't step on anyones rights... You have to have a line somewhere... Should there be a law? have too many of those already... Should the moron watching porn in public realize some people find that offensive? ... Yes and I wish that would happen more, but not likely... Contrary to popular belief you don't have the "right" to do whatever the fuck you have to live with a bunch of other people on this rock and you have to realize not everybody believes or thinks the same as you...

Comment Re:Good for apple (Score 1, Insightful) 1078

You know what, fuck you... I'm sick and tired of people like you proclaiming things evil and demanding a ban. If you are out in public you assume the risk of being outside where your neat liittle world ends...if you don't like what's happening out in public, stay the fuck inside and leave the rest of us in peace...
The Internet

Submission + - Slashdot beta index crashing Safari on the iPhone

JasonDT writes: I went to read Slashdot on my iPhone last night, as I normally do, and it kept crashing Safari...As it had always worked fine before I started trying to figure out why...This morning I logged on my main computer and noticed that I had been switched to Slashdots' beta index. I turned that off and now my iPhone is happy again. Anybody else notice this behavior?
Media (Apple)

Submission + - Apple no longer allows U.S. iTunes outside of U.S.

JasonDT writes: I just accepted the new terms of service for iTunes and found that I will no longer be allowed to access U.S. iTunes outside of the United States. This may seem like no big deal but, I am a U.S. Citizen living abroad and I regularly purchase and view T.V. and Movies from AppleTV. Not to mention U.S. Citizens just traveling abroad. Does anyone know if this has been enforced or have themselves been affected by this?

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