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United Kingdom

Submission + - From Bedrooms to Billions, a UK Gaming Story (

Jaruzel writes: have an acticle on an upcoming film about the origins of the UK Games Industry called 'From Bedrooms to Billions'. It's being crowd funded on Indiegogo but is currently short on its target amount.

The film will tell the story of the UK video gaming industry from 1979 to 1996, a period in gaming which was very different from the rest of the world. They plan to interview several key figures in the UK gaming industry including Elite creator David Braben, Eidos's Ian Livingstone and the venerable Jeff Minter.


Submission + - Legal Purchase and Download of CD Quality Music? 1

Jaruzel writes: "Over many years I have faithfully ripped my vast CD collection to uncompressed WAV audio, and I play it all back via a custom built pc, with all the appropriate digital audio stages, into a high quality amp and speakers. However, it is becoming obvious that buying music on physical media is fast becoming obsolete, which leaves me wondering; Where is the best place to preview, purchase, and download complete albums? The service I'm looking for should provide a vast library of differing music (I have eclectic tastes), and be able to provide the audio in a non-DRM format (obviously) that can be easily converted or played back. If no such service exists, what do slashdotters feel are good alternatives ?"

Submission + - Plasma is Better. Manufacturers hit back.

Jaruzel writes: "In response to the ongoing consumer shift away from Plasma to LCD as the technology of choice for a television (as previously reported on Slashdot). Three major Plasma manufacturers, Hitachi, Panasonic and Pioneer, have formed a coalition and created a website that promotes the benefits of Plasma over LCD. By comparing things like Screen Burn, Motion Blurring, and Viewing Angles, they hope to prove that there's still life in Plasma screens yet."
The Internet

Submission + - .mobi Websites Now Available to Joe Public

Jaruzel writes: "The general public can now register websites ending with .mobi as the backers of the mobile net hope to overturn consumer apathy, according to an article on the BBC. Only one in 10 mobile owners use their phones to surf the net due to concerns over cost, speed and poor content. Sites ending in .mobi are designed for phones and must meet agreed standards. It is expected that over the next year, more than 200,000 addresses will be registered.

Is this all just hype, or is .mobi finally the right launchpad for true mobile Internet ?"

Submission + - SanDisk puts MP3 Players Back on Display

Jaruzel writes: "The BBC reports that 'SanDisk succeeded in overturning an injunction ordering it to remove its audio players from its stand at the IFA electronics show in Berlin. A court in Berlin had ruled against the US-based company, which has refused to pay Sisvel, an Italian patents firm, for a licence to the MP3 audio format. SanDisk says it uses a non-patented technology to play back MP3 files. However Sisvel insists that any equipment capable of playing or recording compressed MP3 files must be fully licensed.'"

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