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Comment Re:The blame can be shared (Score 1) 583

Why not a 5 for "insightful" on this one? appears that politics infects /. too.

I believe it's the reverse.

I'd like to share a revelation during my time here on Slashdot. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you're not actually sentient beings. Every sentient being on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with scientific debate and falsifiable/testable science versus political agendas but you Slashdotters do not. You move to a discussion and you troll and ad hominem until every logical argument and actual fact is dead. The only way you can survive is to spread to another discussion. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Slashdotters are a disease, a cancer of this scientific debate. You are a plague, and we are the cure.


Comment Re:Easy back-up solution (Score 1) 132

As if we had a network of store-and-forward servers that can disperse email-like messages over the world, scalable as every server serves only local clients. Such messages could then be archived or expired based on a configurable policy. It might be less usable during a September, but since the Eternal one has ended, we can somehow wait these five days :p

Comment Re:Yup (Score 1) 281

The difference being that guns are designed and intended to kill.

That's why they work so well to protect life and property from those who would take them violently and why police carry them for the same reasons, duh!

It protects the smaller woman (or anybody less able to physically defend themselves) from the larger (and possibly more numerous) rapist(s)/attacker(s)/home-invader(s).

Privately owned firearms are used for defensive protection in the US on average (often without a shot being fired) anywhere from the bottom-end estimates of ~50,000-80,000 to a middle of ~2,500,000 and higher end estimates go to as high as ~4,700,000 times a year.


Comment Re:Rule of thumb (Score 1) 281

Drone operators need to be very careful. Shotguns work on people, too.

Drone shooters need to be very careful. Shotguns (and other nasty surprises) can be attached to drones, too.

I'm a staunch 2nd Amendment/private firearm ownership and castle doctrine believer, but can't we take a damned breath and give laws and regulations a chance to catch up before shooting at shit that poses no serious direct threat of personal harm?

Look, I get there may be some cases where discharging a firearm against a drone might be justified, but holy crap! People act like they're ready to set emplacements for AAA for some idiot that let his drone wander too far because idiot!

Get a grip already! Before somebody loses an eye!


Comment Re:Mature technology (Score 1) 221

Are you really suggesting the government shouldn't be subsidizing new things that make the world a better place when they do not provide immediate profit motive?

Grants and assistance/seed money for scientific research grant foundations, military research projects, space exploration, other pure research/science projects, sure.

Artificially distorting/masking the cost efficiency of one existing service/product versus a 'favored' new service/product through taxes and regulation that cannot otherwise compete only wastes the people's money with artificially-inflated prices (and in the case of energy prices is extremely hurts the poorest and most vulnerable in society the fastest and the worst) and actually slows the advancement of the 'favored' service/product by mitigating the financial/economic pressure to improve.

Increases in electricity and heating fuel prices can be measured in human lives lost. How many lives a year every year is it worth to increase energy prices artificially for political/ideological agendas?

The only ones that come out ahead in the end with these schemes are the politicians and their private sector 'connected' cronies. Society and everyone in it pays the costs in lives lost, unnecessary suffering, and the slowing of human progress.


Comment Re:Good thinking (Score 1, Offtopic) 146

Before rescuing the planet from carbon emissions the Swedes might want to rescue their country first:

SWEDEN IN CHAOS: Number of âno-go zonesâ(TM) INCREASED as police lose control over violence

Sweden turns on migrants amid rise in violence and sex attacks

Sweden on the BRINK: Malmà in flames as vengeful thugs set cars alight

Those who are working towards effectively abolishing national sovereignty and erecting a structure for central global governance know that great changes only occur at times of great turmoil, war, famine, financial/currency system collapses, and anarchy/chaos.

There are some disturbing societal/cultural/political parallels to pre-WW2 Germany occurring in the US. The EU is on fire. Nationalism and populism is on the rise in many powerful nations around the world. The global financial markets are in dangerous territory. Russia and China are flexing their military muscles.

It's not going to take a whole lot at this point to send the world off into a global catastrophic collapse and conflict. What might well emerge scares the crap out of me for the whole of humanity.


Comment Re:Who's gonna pay "THEIR FAIR SHARE"?!?!?! (Score 0) 146

"My box mod is made from Reardon metal!"

I expect that quite soon, as regulatory capture and cronyism kills off small single-proprietor businesses and the few large 'connected' (tobacco co,s, mostly) manufacturers jack up prices for cheap (but legal!) junk as typically happens, that many people will just be paying somebodies' kid brother for one of the rigs he puts together out of used laptop batteries in his basement while he's smoking blunts.

Which would you prefer happen to be in the luggage on your or your family's next flight because TSA missed it? (gasp! inconceivable! right?)


Comment Re:Careless to use the tools? (Score 1) 57

The tools will contain portions that have to be placed on the remote machine, because you're trying to execute their payload in a privileged context on that machine.

But didn't this release also include command servers and user manuals? Things which would never be placed on a device which is the target of a compromise, so even if you assume usage of a "bundle", it's unreasonable to think they would be included in it.


There's no way any 'honeypot' or similar tactic is going to obtain the portions of the tools that are never uploaded to a target like user manuals and command server code.

This is simply a combination of CYA and an attempt at psychological manipulation to try to smoke out whomever hacked into NSA HQ and/or leaked these tools.

Hey NSA, it sucks when the hunter becomes the hunted, doesn't it? Your unconstitutional and criminal actions have now placed you at the top of every private and government hacker's dream-hack list both domestic and foreign, and even inside your organization among your own coworkers. Every last bit of dirt will be exposed for all to see. You are the greater threat to national security and will be dealt with accordingly regardless of what corrupt laws are in place to protect your illegal/unconstitutional actions because you are far-outnumbered and vastly out-resourced.


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