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Comment Re:A new name for this? (Score 0, Troll) 586

I hope I'm reading the parent wrong or missing something as I often do. People who molest children, or partake in child porn, are the scum of the earth. I can't believe what I'm reading here. There are intelligent people who believe it shouldn't be a crime, or a big deal, to possess child porn, or molest children and record it?

I know it's not popular to have morals or take a stand these days, but here it goes. People who get off on naked children are beneath the scum of the earth. There should be little leniency for these "people." The "humans" who use children for their own sexual pleasure are not normal and should be removed from the population post haste.

And anyone who disagrees is naive, inexperienced in life, or abnormal themselves and should seek professional help.

Comment My experience (Kubuntu) (Score 1) 1231

I upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10 on one laptop and two desktops. The laptop is an older IBM i386. The desktops are a Lenovo 64 bit Intel and a white box AMD Phenom 64 bit. The Lenovo interacts with the Active Directory services here at work.

I almost always have issues upgrading when logged in as an AD user. This was no exception. I had to logout and $ sudo dpkg --reconfigure -a as a local user. I rebooted and had to run $sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and $ sudo apt-get -f install a couple of times.

My home laptop and desktop went better. I think I had to dpkg on my home machine as well.

The desktops run great and have nothing strange happening. My laptop won't login to the wireless automatically. I have to restart knetworkmanager to get it to prompt to open kwalletmanager. Also, the sound works, but it displays a message about pulse (I think) not being available and it falls back to something else. It also prompts me to remove the device permanently, which I am going to try when I get a chance. I haven't reported, or done much debugging, because these aren't show stoppers, but I will in the next couple of days and I hope everyone reports bugs that are encountered.

Comment Re:KDE summary: usable but not great. I'll pass. (Score 1) 744

I have been using kubuntu since the days of 3.5. I love KDE 4. In my opinion, it will be the desktop of the future. In fact, after using Windows 7 all this week, I'm pretty sure it's what Microsoft was aiming for. I use Kubuntu 40 hours a day in a Microsoft environment, joined to the domain, and I have yet to run into a show stopper, or a bug that wasn't easily fixed. KDE 4 has made tremendous strides and has laid the framework to do great things in the future, while being stable and feature-full enough to be my daily driver. And it is as aesthetically pleasing productivity enhancing as desktop environments get.

Submission + - What Keeps Scientists Up at Night? (

modernphysics writes: 9 physicists discuss what keeps them up — and thinking — at night. The scientists include Katherine Freese, Leo Kadanoff, Lawrence Krauss, Neil Turok, Sean M. Carroll, Anton Zeilinger, Gino Segrè, Andrew White and David Tong. The panel discussion, held at Quantum to Cosmos Festival, is hosted by Wilson da Silva, Editor of Cosmos Magazine. The discussion starts 13 minutes into the presentation at"

Submission + - M$ yanked its sponsorship of Family Guy Presents (

Centurion5 writes: After viewing an early version of "Family Guy Presents: Seth and Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show" Microsoft executives pull its sponsorship saying "We initially chose to participate in the Seth and Alex variety show based on the audience composition and creative humor of 'Family Guy,' but after reviewing an early version of the variety show, it became clear that the content was not a fit with the Windows brand,"

The show contains "typical "Family Guy"-style jokes, including riffs on deaf people, the Holocaust, feminine hygiene and incest." I supposed that does not fit with the cute Windows 7 commercials containing little kids, but what were they expecting?


Submission + - Development Hardware Requirements

Monkeedude1212 writes: So after a handful of successful flash games our game development team has decided to kick it up a notch and produce something "Real" and "Possibly Profitable". We've settled on Valve's Source Engine not only because its free and open source, but it already has a distrubution method tied to it (Steam). The problem is that we are all running on some pretty old hardware, myself being on a laptop thats approaching 4 years old. If Any of you have ever tried to Recomplile Half Life 2 with 2 Gigs on Vista you'll know that it can take the better part of a day to finish. So its time for an upgrade.

Sadly, I am not a hardware junkie, nor do I know any, so I'm not 100% on exactly what's best to suit my needs for development. I will be running windows (Either XP or 7) and Visual Studio 2008. I had once worked on a Mac Pro, the 2x Quad Core with 32 gigs of Ram, and I found it to be a dream. So I want something comparable to that, but I want it cheaper. If I order parts from Tiger Direct I'm sure I could get a good rig going at a fraction of the price of buying one setup.

So I am opening it up to /. — Can it be done? The Price Range is anything below $3,300. Minor preference towards NVidia (but not necessary). Any suggestions on where else to order are also welcome.

Submission + - 5 ways to overclock your netbook (really!) (

ericatcw writes: Real men only eat bloody steaks, and they only overclock water-cooled gaming rigs, right? Wrong. Computerworld has a roundup of 5 easy(ish) ways to crank your netbook up to eleven, from safely fiddling with the motherboard voltage, boosting a 'Hackintoshed' netbook's graphics, to sawing off your HP Mini's anti-overclock hardware lock.

Submission + - EFF launches "Takedown Hall of Shame" ( 1

netbuzz writes: Recognizing that public shame is a potent weapon, the Electronic Frontier Foundation today launched a new Web site — its "Takedown Hall of Shame" — that will shine an unflattering spotlight on those corporations and individuals who abuse copyright claims to stifle free speech. Among the early inductees are NPR, NBC, CBS and Diebold.

Submission + - DVD Manufacturers May Block Rentals for One Month 1

Ponca City, We love you writes: "The LA Times reports that in an effort to push consumers toward buying more movies, some major film studios are considering a new policy that would block DVDs from being offered for rental until several weeks after going on sale. Under the plan, new DVD releases would be available on a purchase-only basis for a few weeks, after which time companies such as Blockbuster Inc. and Netflix Inc. would be allowed to rent the DVDs to their customers. "The studios are wrestling with declines in DVD sales while the DVD rental market has been modestly growing," says Reed Hastings chief executive of DVD-by-mail company Netflix. "If we can agree on low-enough pricing, delayed rental could potentially increase profits for everyone." 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. have already tried to impose a no-rental period of about a month on Redbox, the operator of kiosks that rent movies for $1 per night believing that Redbox's steeply discounted price undercuts DVD sales. Redbox has responded by suing the studios, seeking to force them to sell it DVDs simultaneously with competitors. Meanwhile, the company is stocking its kiosks with DVDs it can't otherwise obtain by buying them from retailers. "We must have a level playing field and the right to buy movies at the same time as any of our competitors," says a company spokesman for Redbox."

Submission + - Flu Pandemic may lead to websites being blocked (

mikael writes: While corporations and businesses have been advised on how to allow employees to work remotely from home, there is still some uncertainty on how ISP's would be able to handle the extra flow of traffic. The Department of Homeland Security is suggesting that ISP's be prepared to block popular websites in order to prioritize bandwidth for commercial use.

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