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Comment And now maybe we'll know why ... (Score 5, Interesting) 107

And now maybee we'll know why it's been so hard for Open Source developers to get information on writing their own against-the-metal drivers for telephony radios and startup modules (BIOS, EFI/UEFI, etc.)

It has long been suspected that was not just proprietary info-walling, but to reduce chances of discovery of backdoors and persistent threats imposed in the name of spying.

Comment Re:The actual real problem with Mars... (Score 1) 100

I never said they were one off rockets, I said they were custom built for specific launches, and that is correct - no launcher company has a stock from which they pull a rocket the week before a launch, the launch requirement comes well before the launch vehicle exists in any capable form, including the ICBM-conversions.

Comment Re:The actual real problem with Mars... (Score 0) 100

Since all launchers to date have been custom built for specific launches, where is the excess industrial capacity that is being used to launch Mars missions...? Which launch company is suddenly going "awww shucks, we have a spare rocket, anyone want to launch a Mars mission" or "we arent building anything next tuesday, anyone want a rocket for Mars"?

Comment Re:Makes Good Sense (Score 2) 87

The weight reduction from not having to carry the turbine portion of the engine (you still need to carry the fan part) is *massively* offset by the fact that you carry your "fuel" the entire distance of the trip, 100%. Current planes get more efficient the longer they fly, as they burn off their fuel they get lighter - replace that fuel with a storage system like batteries and your plane is going to weigh as much on landing as it did on takeoff, with no efficiency gains en route, so the energy needed will be constant throughout the flight.

And yes, this is still an issue on short haul flights.

Don't kid yourselves, batteries for powering aircraft is a non-starter, the economics simply dont work.

Comment Pity, since I can't accept the EULA (Score 1) 144

Google's Chrome browser, on the other hand, remained unhackable during the contest.

Unfortunately for me, I can't accept Chrome's EULA.

It incorporates Adobe's, which (if I recall correctly from my AT&T Android-based smartphone) has several clauses I can't abide - including a never-compete, don't block updates, don't work on circumvention tools, we can change the license without notice, ...

I don't intend to do anything that might come back to limit my future software work or employability. Clicking through such a license (even if every bit of it is struck down by the courts - which I'm not holding my breath expecting), especially on a device that "phones home" in a way that is easily identified with my true name, is an invitation for an all-versus-one gladiatorial match with two multibillion-dollar corporations' legal departments.

Comment GitHub is in California (Score 1) 75

I struggle a bit to understand why this isn't a bigger issue. ... I wonder why some politician hasn't attempted to differentiate themselves by even mentioning the stifling effect on innovation [company-owns-all-your-inventions] policies impose.

Because it's already been adressed, long ago.

GitHub is in San Francisco, which is in California and governed by California labor law.

California labor law says that (paraphrasing from memory):
  - As a compelling state interest
  - overriding anything in the employee agreement
  - if an employee invents something
  - while not on company time or using company resources
  - and that invention is not in the company's current or immediately foreseeable business
  - then the invention belongs to the employee
  - (and the employment agreement must include a copy of this information as an appendix.)

(IMHO that law is THE reason for the explosive growth and innovation in Silicon Valley and why other states have been unable to clone it. Invent something that your current company won't use, get together with a couple friends, maybe get some "angel funding", rent the office across the street, and go into business with your new shiny thing. So companies bud off new companies like yeast. And innovators collect where they can become the inventor, the "couple of friends", or the early hires, creating a pool of the necessary talent to convert inventions into companies when they happen.)

What GitHub has apparently done is say to the employees:
"For the purposes of us claiming your IP, your lunch time and breaks are your time, even on company property, and your use of our computers and disk storage for things like compiles, storing code, and web research in aid of your project, does not count as 'using company resources'."

In other states, and other companies even within CA, that might be a big deal. For a company in CA, whose whole business model is providing archives for other people's software projects - and giving it away free to small groups, while charging large groups (or small groups that grow into large groups), it's not a big deal, and right IN their business model.

Comment Re:Stick to the important stuff (Score 0) 266

You need to reread your linked source (and also find something better to do with your life). It doesn't say that there were six bills repealing "Obamacare" that were passed to Obama, it says that the House passed a repeal six times - it only made it to Obamas desk once, in January 2016. And that was his only veto of any "Obamacare" repeal.

Given that the Republicans had control of both the House and the Senate for the 114th Congress, they had plenty of opportunity to force a repeal through...

So no, they havent just got "thoughtful" at all.

Comment Re:The Discrimination is about wages, not age (Score 4, Interesting) 207

I don't need any government regulations backlash on my hands, so I try to ensure it just doesn't come to that. Hiring somebody older in the West means hiring somebody who is a more protected class (in terms of government laws) and it can be dangerous for me, as it can hurt me financially and this is where I draw the line.

As if discrimination in hiring isn't subject to "government regulations backlash".

I'm tempted to report you myself... it's not often that someone is stupid enough, even pseudononymously, to admit to a clear violation of the law in a manner that they cannot delete on a site that maintains logs...

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