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Submission + - Worlds biggest library system wants website advise (torontopubliclibrary.ca)

pulitzer writes: The Toronto Public Library (the worlds largest library system) is redesigning its website and wants your ideas and opinions. This is our opportunity to ask for RSS feeds, RESTful API's, social networking features, etc. Libraries and librarians can be a conservative bunch when it comes to technology, they've been using the same one for centuries, the book, and now they need a bit of a push into the 21st century . The library as a place can be the center of a community and a place for information sharing and communal learning, we need to let the Toronto Public Library that the library web site can serve the same functions. Even if your not a Toronto resident this is important as just like most profession libraries and librarians share information and experiences and TPL as the largest of library systems has quite a voice in the community. So come on Slashdot lets give them a piece of our mind and tell them what we'd like to see. The survey is very short with ample opportunity to add fee text info. http://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/abo_uep_index.jsp

Submission + - Null Hypothesis | Magenta Ain't A Colour (null-hypothesis.co.uk) 1

jd writes: "Over on Null Hypothesis, there is a raging debate over whether magenta is (or is not) a colour. The article puts forward the view that as there is no such thing as monochromatic magenta, it is an optical illusion and not a colour at all. Needless to say, the geeks in the comments section being, well, geeks, virtually every point made in the piece is dissected, fried with garlic butter and in a few cases apparently fed to the trolls.

However, one thing does intrigue me about this whole argument. The eye has no way of seeing most colour directly — there are two or three (and in very rare cases four) distinct types of cone in the eye. Most of what we take as colour is simply the result of a bunch of numerical tricks in the brain as it tries to unscramble the limited data available to it.

My question is: If colour in a physical sense has no direct connection to the colour that we see, then does the colour that we see really exist at all?"


Submission + - Is HTML Validity Overrated

An anonymous reader writes: Hi all, in the office today coding away on some random website, checking my my XHTML coding was valid, in my boredom decided to check a number of popular sites thinking that they would would intern be valid, though to my surprise i struggled to find a single site that was 100% valid in it's coding. www.google.com — 30 errors, www.microsoft.com — 28 errors, www.apple.com — 4 errors, and i wont even mention how many eBay had. Hell even our beloved Slashdot didn't have a clean slate. My question is "Is HTML Validity Overrated?" or is there a reason for all the big sites not caring about there code? Now i'm a very (I must stress very) small time programmer, and my skills are pretty poor, but am i just waisting my time checking my code, is it wrong of me to believe in standards?

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