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Submission + - Hacker takes $50,000 a few cents at a time (

JRHelgeson writes: In a story strangely reminiscent of Superman 3, a 'hacker' allegedly stole over $50,000 from PayPal, Google Checkout as well as several unnamed online brokerage firms. When opening an online brokering account it is common practice for companies such as E-trade and Schwab to send a tiny payment — ranging from only a few cents to a couple of dollars — to verify that the user has access to the bank account listed. According to the story, the attacker wrote a script that opened thousands of accounts at dozens of these providers. Ironically, he was arrested not for taking the money, but for using false names in order to get it.

Submission + - China Earthquake and Chilean Volcano related? (

JRHelgeson writes: On May 2, the Chaiten volcano in southern Chile started to erupt for the first time in thousands of years. When I saw the pictures of the volcano eruption in Chile, I was amazed by the magnitude of the eruption. I immediately made the pictures my desktop background.

Then the earthquake in China happened on May 12... on the exact polar opposite end of the earth.

I picked up the globe in my office, took it off its stand. I put one finger on Mt. Chaiten, the other on the epicenter of the China Earthquake... and I spun the globe.

An amazing coincidence? Perhaps. I kinda doubt it though.


Submission + - 1.6M records stolen from (

JRHelgeson writes: Somebody has found a use for The attackers first harvested applicant information using stolen employer credentials. They gathered the information on job seekers living in certain areas and seeking specific jobs. They then crafted custom phishing emails targeting the job seekers by name, getting them to install an information gathering Trojan or ransomware.

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