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Comment increasing clickbait isn't journalism (Score 1) 87

And they want you to pay for online access. But increasing their rate does not ensure nor imply quality. Woodstein is not writing these articles. A tremendous number of them are short--about a paragraph long--and completely inconsequential. Look how many of then are "lists," for example. You may as well read what's on the back of cereal boxes. You might get more content. Another problem is all these sites repeating each other. I get a lot of the same news on Drudge and Above Top Secret (ATS: a cranky conspiracy site) as I do on Slashdot. Everyone is now a "news aggregator" so they just copy each other. It's especially bad on sites such as ATS and Slashdot because both rely on "user-provided content." There really isn't that much more hard news available; it's just that there are more places to click on the same lame stories.

Comment Why all the negativity? (Score 1) 471

Oh, it's Slashdot. That should explain it. But beyond that....

You don't have to go. You don't need to participate. You can come up with thousands of reasons why no one should go, but they matter only to you, personally, and not the slightest to people who DO want to go. Musk has a vision, and this is not Mars One, whose only claim to fame is hitting up its "selectees" for donations. Musk actually has a rocket ship. Call him a nutter if you want, but you'll be staying on shore so it's a moot point.

All I hope is that you will stay out of the way.

Comment Re:Self-sustaining civilization on Mars (Score 1) 471

The fact that we have not mastered it is reason enough to go. The basic idea is to increase our chances of surviving as a species when the next asteroid strikes or some idiot pushes the button. That's why sustainability is the key and why no one's talking about mining Martian gold to ship back home.

And after that we need to build an Ark before the sun blows up. Yes, a whole different order of magnitude, but that's the ultimate goal here. And no problem if you don't like the idea and can find a million reasons not to go. You don't have to. Just stay out of the way of those who do.

Comment This again? (Score 5, Insightful) 398

Seriously Miss Universe is only once a year. Yet I'm seeing "which is the most popular language" every month or so here. Who gives a shit? Certainly not your CPU. It all gets compiled down to assembly anyway. THAT is the most popular language, even if few humans code in it nowadays all computers read it.

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