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Comment "Users" doesn't tell us enough (Score 1) 560

Exactly how marijuana is used might be a factor. Smoking gets you lots of combustion byproducts: carbon monoxide, etc. Vaporizers and edibles do not. I'd like to see the breakdown, and maybe compared with cigarette smokers as well. Maybe it's the THC that is causing the effect reported, but maybe not.

Comment Humans (Score 1) 204

Don't try to outsmart them. Any "system" you try to impose will be corrupted and subverted. You merely create a class of specialists who figure out how to extract the maximum benefit from such a system at the expense of everyone else. Doesn't matter what it is - capitalism, feudalism, communism or bureaucracy. You think you are doing a good thing but you are not. My philosophy of government is: LESS is MORE.

Comment Joao wrote a book about this over a decade ago (Score -1) 244

I read Joao's book "Faster than the Speed of Light: The Story of a Scientific Speculation" on this topic over a decade ago. The first half of the book was not really that groundbreaking as it rehashed some relativity and talked about Joao himself. But the 2nd half was interesting. I started thinking that having a speed of light that was much higher than today would explain why it looks like the earth is so old despite not actually being that old due to discrediting current carbon dating results. The entire carbon dating concept is based on an assumption that light speed is a constant without ever having a way to prove that our 'measuring stick' is properly 'calibrated' despite having so many theories depend on that 'fact'.

Comment "Science" (Score 1, Redundant) 256

the authors found that the particular bacterial population that thrives in the high-fat regime persists in the gut even once the mice have returned to normal weight and normal metabolic function after a dieting cycle. This leaves them more susceptible to weight gain

Because this is why people get fat. From eating fat. In other news, eating sugar causes diabetes.

Comment Lessig is grasping at straws (Score -1) 1426

Complaining that the electoral college weights the votes in Wyoming roughly four times as heavily as the votes in Michigan, Lessig argues that the popular vote should be respected, and that the authors of the U.S. Constitution "left the electors free to choose. They should exercise that choice by leaving the election as the people decided it: in Clinton's favor."

The only problem with this logic (but it's a big problem) is that it sounds like he wants all electors to choose Clinton just because she won the national popular vote. But what would be the point of having states-specific electors if he advocates voting based on the national popular vote results? As someone explained recently on facebook (I forget what the guy's name was), he used a baseball analogy to state why we shouldn't be changing the rules of the game. Back in the 20th century the Pirates beat a team in the world series 4 games to 3, but the other team had more overall runs throughout the series. The rules of the game ignore who has the most overall runs and instead bases who wins on the number of games they won. Should we change the rules of the game just because a particular team didn't win one year? For every person who wants their team to win there is another who wants a different team to win. But rules exist for a reason: to make processes consistent, and therefore fair. They are still fair even if you don't get the result you wanted because next time you may very well get the result you wanted as the rules are consistently applied.

If anyone should support the electoral college it should be Lessig, given that he is a lawyer. We are a constitutional republic, not a pure democracy. Therefore we don't vote purely on the majority wins mentality. If you prefer that then move to another country. Conservatives didn't ask for a recount nor did they riot in the streets or do their damnedest to figure out how to make electors change their minds either of the last 2 elections when Obama won. I guess they are just more honorable losers.

The electors will indeed be exercising the choice of the voters *in their individual states* rather than the national vote since our electors are at the state level, not national.

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