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Journal Journal: On the troll again...

On Nazi nazis

It's been almost 4 years since I've written a journal here. I hope you'll believe me when I say I've matured quite a bit... although adding that to this particular post may be less than convincing. ;p Oh well.

What's new, everybody?

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Journal Journal: What the hell? 6

Due to excessive bad posting from this IP or Subnet, comment posting has temporarily been disabled. If it's you, consider this a chance to sit in the timeout corner . If it's someone else, this is a chance to hunt them down. If you think this is unfair, please email with your MD5'd IPID and SubnetID, which are "b83b1e19852d08887af15e8a758XXXXX" and "378edad33953e09027589d8dd99XXXXX" and (optionally, but preferably) your IP number "66.92.132.XXX" and your username "JDWTopGuy".

Okay, what the hell is this? I've only posted 8 comments in the last two months, and only 3 recieved negative net moderation.

Any comments?

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Journal Journal: Rid of the evil 4

No, this isn't about politics or anything like that... it's about something much more important!

I am off AOL and now on Speakeasy DSL. :-D

I haven't written in here in a long time, I guess there's just nothing going on.

Okay, I'm done...

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: REBOL sillyness 1

While attempting (and failing, so far) to write a quine (self-replicating program) in REBOL, I figured out one of those "type this, get a funny error" things. The >> is the REBOL prompt.

>> 'spend canadianmoney
** Script Error: canadianmoney has no value
** Near: canadianmoney


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Journal Journal: is funny!

Hahaha! I have found a new comedy site,, which has some incredibly funny postings. What's amazing is how these people are capable of writing such rediculous things as if they were actually serious.

On a side note, the TOS for their forums says, "No personal attacks". I can't find the exception that says it's okay to attack republicans, but I'm sure it's there somewhere, because people are constantly using it.

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Journal Journal: On terrorists, continued... 9

I have been reading your replies to "On terrorists", but I have been busy lately, and not in the mood to argue about it.

First, a final note on Maher Arar: if he was offered first to Canada, and they turned him down, the canadians should be to blame. We tried.

Shakrai gave a perfect example of why I don't give much weight to the arguments of flaming anti-Bushies. He ended one of his comments with, "God I fucking hate neo-cons and all that they stand for." I resent being called a "neo-con". Frankly, I think the term was invented to sound like "neo-nazi". I'm just a plain conservative. You could at least avoid saying you hate people because of what they think, if you want to appear to be a reasonable human being.

I reject the premise that the US is "occupying" Iraq. We already have a date (a close date!) for moving control to an Iraqi government. I also reject the premise that the majority of Iraqis want us out "now, now, do it now!".

I suggest you read the book "Legacy", which is about Bill Clinton's eight years in office. Part of this will address the issue that Shakrai raised, about getting terrorists with law enforcement. To very briefly summarize, anything baring any resemblence to "racial profiling" would not have been permitted.

Part of the reason liberals and moderates hate or are afraid of Bush is that after eight years of a guy who was afraid to do any military action of any consequence, we now have a president who is not afraid to defend us and attack our enemies. Furthermore, GWB is not afraid to do what he thinks is right, even if it is not good for him politically.

My opinion remains the same: there were a lot of bad things which shouldn't have happened, but I think it will be dealt with.

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Journal Journal: On terrorists 31

About this Iraqi prisoner deal... This incident could barely be considered torture, and the people who did it are being punished, and don't forget... those weren't innocent civilians. They were terrorists and the like. Unlike in the Saddam Hussein system where they would have been innocent people who would truly be tortured, and the actions would be condoned by the government.

America and the world needs to see this beheading video. If we can show movies that have this sort of thing in them, we can show the real thing. Even if the broadcast stations can't because of the FCC, that's no excuse for the cable channels.

Think about the difference, people. We give terrorists due process. They gave america the world's worst terrorist attack, killing thousands of civilians. They gave Berg five hits to the neck with a dull blade. We get mad that some of our soldiers didn't treat these people humanely, meanwhile they chop the head off a civilian and praise their god.

Don't tell me that we started this. Ever since they saw our weakness in Mogadishu, terrorists have been attacking us on our land and off. We didn't even bother fighting back until after the September 11th attack.

This country is a superpower, and we have no business laying down and letting terrorists rape us. We need to show that anybody who engages in or supports or harbors terrorism will not be tolerated. If you can't understand that, you should move to Canada. No offence to any canadian readers!

Here are some stills from the video. Do you want to let them get away with that?

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Journal Journal: Vote Kerry! 3

I don't usually post political journals, but I ran into an idiot on some forums today who posted a link to some anti-Bush crap, and I replied with this:

I'm John Fugging Kerry, and don't you forget it. I went to Vietnam! I'm going to raise taxes. I went to Vietnam! Americans don't care about terrorism, they care about the price of health care. I went to Vietnam! If you vote for Bush, you're f--king up! I went to Vietnam! Bush f--ked up! I went to Vietnam! I voted for the 87 billion before I voted against it. I went to Vietnam! I didn't throw my medals, they were ribbons, no, they were somebody else's medals, leave me alone, I went to Vietnam! I commited war crimes and I'm a f--king hero. I went to Vietnam! This is my wife. I went to Vietnam! She says Bush & Cheney & Ashcroft are the "Asses of Evil". I went to Vietnam! My website is/was covered with articles containing the words "f--k" & "s--t"! I went to Vietnam! In '92 I said that serving in Vietnam should not be an election issue, but I keep lying about Bush's National Guard service and trying to turn it into an election issue. I went to Vietnam!

You want to vote for that corpse? A guy who lies as much as Clinton but can't keep his story straight? Please! Hell, Nader's probably a better canidate.

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Journal Journal: BINDing Behemoth, and the death of Smackintosh

(Isn't that a dramatic title?)

I installed BIND on behemoth (my p90), initially as caching-only, and then I added a zone for my LAN. Seems to work well, but it sure doesn't make it easy to tell what's wrong when it doesn't work.

I was messing with Smackintosh (Performa 575) last night and must have shocked the mobo or something, as it's quite dead now. I removed all the parts, and now I have to get rid of the case (which has the CRT in it). Oh well, I didn't really use it much anyway. I'm going to get a PowerPC-based performa from my friend... it's a "road apple" (slow, badly designed), but perhaps I'll find a use for it.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Political Jokes 2

Y'know, I don't think they're putting Kerry's botox in the right place... he's still in every position on every issue.

Did you hear? George W. Bush is going back to school. He's going to learn how to say, "nuclear".

Bill Clinton's going back to school too, but for a different reason. I'd tell you what his motivation is, but that would be below the belt.

Isn't that last one just awful? -JDWTopGuy

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Journal Journal: back up 3

Finally! Stats are back. Yay!

A new, smaller version of my .sig name printer is available here. 131 characters. (I removed the #include statement... it will compile without it, at least with GCC.)

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Journal Journal: A frustrating Experience with Microsoft Turd, er, Word 4

Okay, so I'm helping a friend with her computer today. She has the tendency to somehow get a bunch of blank lines in the header of her Word documents, and of course when that happens I have to fix it.

So me, I sez to my self I sez, "Why not make a macro, stick it in the menu and then she can fix it herself!" A brilliant idea, so I record the macro. Easy as cheesecake. Then I go Tools->Customize and drag the macro to the Tools menu, rename it "Remove Header", and ta-da. I'm done, right?

So I go through a ton of her files and use the macro to fix the ones that need fixing. So far, so good.

Then I quit Word and restart it so I can show her how to do it... and the menu item is nowhere to be found. I tried a ton of things and I simply couldn't get the stupid menu item to stick.

I hate Word.

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Journal Journal: Life goes on 3

Life without stats is horrible.

Anyway, I'm now working on version 2.0 of my C perproxy stats script... it will take the place of the other versions and will do a lot more.

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Journal Journal: More griping. Updates. 2

Griping: Every time I read or watch the news, they always have to talk about "Ze Gay Homos!". Well I'm tired of hearing about the gay homos, damnit!

Updates: There is now a dnetc .489 prerelease for Linux/x86. Yay! I figured out how to do reverse DNS lookups in C, so now I can finish my C port of my dnet perproxy stats CGI script. Double yay!!

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Journal Journal: Griping. Whining. Yadda. 2

Okay... first, griping: Why is the linux/x86 client almost a year old? There have been plenty of x86 fixes and two new x86 cores, but the linux/x86 client has not been updated. And this ticks me off because it means I have to run windows in order to crunch as fast as possible on my Athlon XP. (On the plus side, the latest windows client has a core (SGP-3) which is the fastest on my Pentium w/MMX. Yay!)

Next... whining: Dialup stinks! Liberals are annoying! John Kerry is ugly!

Finally, Yadda: I'm starting on some factoring code using GMP. I want to factor RSA-640. I always seem to start new projects even though I have old ones that need finishing/fixing/updating.

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