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Comment Re:More productive = you'll need less people (Score 1) 127

Indeed. The only solution I know of, that fits current economic practices, is to have fewer people. Essentially, if you don't need as many people, then you need to have fewer people. This does not have to mean "killing people", but could instead mean "make new people at a lower rate". I've got no idea how to accomplish that, given factors such as religions that tell believers that they must populate the earth with their offspring, etc.

Submission + - Fiat Chrysler accused of installing illegal emissions software (

Frosty Piss writes: On the tail wind of Volkswagen's $4.3 billion settlement in their emissions-cheating scandal, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board is accusing Fiat Chrysler of installing software on 100,000 diesel-powered cars and trucks that they say is cheating on emissions tests. The vehicles cited include 2014, 2015 and 2016 model year Jeep Grand Cherokees SUVs and and Dodge Ram 1500 trucks with 3-liter diesel engines. Fiat Chrysler claims its emission control systems software is an allowable way to meet emissions rules. But the EPA said that since the software had not be disclosed to the EPA, that puts Fiat Chrysler is in violation of the Clean Air Act, even if it wasn't seeking to cheat on emissions tests.

Submission + - Fingerprinting Methods Identify Users Across Different Browsers on the Same PC (

An anonymous reader writes: A team of researchers from universities across the US has identified different fingerprinting techniques that can track users when they use different browsers installed on the same machine. Named "cross-browser fingerprinting" (CBF), this practice relies on new technologies added to web browsers in recent years, some of which had been previously considered unreliable for cross-browser tracking and only used for single browser fingerprinting.

These new techniques rely on making browsers carry out operations that use the underlying hardware components to process the desired data. For example, making a browser apply an image to the side of a 3D cube in WebGL provides a similar response in hardware parameters for all browsers. This is because the GPU card is the one carrying out this operation and not the browser software. Results showed that CBF techniques were able to correctly identify 99.24% of all test users. Previous research methods achieved only a 90.84% result.

Submission + - Cassettes are back, and booming (

harrymcc writes: By now, it isn't news that vinyl albums continue to sell, even in the Spotify era. But a new report says that sales of music on cassette are up 140 percent. The antiquated format is being embraced by everyone from indie musicians to Eminem and Justin Bieber. Fast Company's John Paul Titlow took a look at tape's unexpected revival, and why it's not solely about retro hipsterism.

Submission + - Switzerland Agrees New Data Sharing Pact With the US

Mickeycaskill writes: Switzerland has agreed its own new data transfer agreement with the United States, basing the framework on the deal struck by the European Union (EU) following the invalidation of Safe Harbour.

The previous arrangement was invalidated because of concerns about US mass surveillance but Switzerland says the new Swiss-US Privacy Shield will allow Swiss companies to transfer customer data without the need for additional contractual guarantees.

The Swiss Federal Council, a seven member executive council that is effectively the head of government in Switzerland, claim citizens will benefit from additional protections and the ability to contact an ombudsman about data issues.

Although not part of the EU, Switzerland is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) and has several bilateral agreements with the EU that sees it adopt many of the bigger bloc’s policies. The Federal Council says the alignment between the EU and the Swiss transatlantic data sharing partnerships is good news for multinational organisations.

Submission + - Fark, BoingBoing falsely accused by Google of posting child porn (

bizwriter writes:, BoingBoing, and Skepchick are just three of allegedly many sites that have found themselves accused by Google of posting "indecent" material and seeing their ads completely pulled. But the changes, determined by a combination of algorithms and humans, can be wildly untrue (like claiming that a picture of a clothed adult woman on Fark or an old BoingBoing news story about Pedobear was child porn). Most recently, Fark has found itself on the brink of going out of business as a result.

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