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Comment Re:better yet ... (Score 1) 626

It is the "inbred" part that I was thinking about. If Congress were to appoint him/her, then the President would start out tightly coupled with Congress. Impeachment would be unlikely. He/she would effectively be chosen from the same pool of people who vie for Speaker of the House or Senate President.

Letting state legislatures choose the president would probably avoid that, though. Interesting.

Comment Creative Cloud crap (Score 1) 161

...similar to how Photoshop ushered in a new era of editing and image creation, this tool could transform how audio engineers work with sound, polish clips, and clean up recordings and podcasts.

And similar to how Creative Cloud has made vassals out of people who work on photographs, videos, websites, and presentations, Project VoCo will do the same to people who work with audio.

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