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Submission + - Ubuntu developer suggests dropping i386 support (

Ilgaz writes: Ubuntu developer Dimitri suggests dropping i386 support from Ubuntu and naturally,derivatives such as Kubuntu citing 3rd parties (Google and couple of "cool" developers named) dropping 32bit support&maintenance. On the other hand, Windows 10 which switched to rolling update model and will be the last ever Windows major version does support i386 and will continue to do so in foreseeable future.

Submission + - SPAM: Turkish telecommunications giant tries to get Twitter users banned

Ilgaz writes: Turkcell, a Turkish telecommunications giant which was recently critized for sponsoring a foundation who is close to Turkish Islamist government for doing nothing against their child abusing members, filed a lawsuit in Turkish courts to ban access to several Turkish accounts within Turkish network space.The Leak of lawsuit paperwork already created a serious backslash against the company causing the hashtag #tecavüzcell (#rapecell in English) start trending.
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Submission + - TV software edition filtering Vuvuzela released (

Ilgaz writes: Mac software/hardware house, Elgato has announced a Special Edition of EyeTV 3.4 that offers a feature called a Vuvuzela Filter, designed to filter out the annoying drone heard at every FIFA World Cup game this summer.
Of course, it is not the only solution, there are several solutions exist on Windows and Linux/BSD platforms such as (Windows) or a simple custom equalizer setting


Submission + - Nokia's Ovi (app store) can't fail - must fail (

Ilgaz writes: "Andrew Orlowski of The Register calls Nokia Ovi store a failure even before its official launch; starting with the name and explains what went wrong from the start. He also questions why Nokia acquired a mapping company for $8.1 Billion if it won't do anything to increase Nokia Maps application awareness."

Submission + - MS Silverlight to follow Obama into US presidency (

Ilgaz writes: It seems you will have to install MS Silverlight 2 to watch US President's inauguration online. As there is no working Silverlight 2 capable alternative on these systems; everyone running Mac PPC, Linux and FreeBSD has been left out. Should the president of USA use/sponsor a convicted monopolies not-so-popular plugin instead of popular and/or free technologies?
Operating Systems

Submission + - Symbian goes open source? ( 1

Ilgaz writes: "As Google's Android struggles to make it into concrete products, Nokia has probably dealt it a knockout blow by buying Symbian entirely and helping to take the whole Symbian ecosystem open source.
Nokia has enlisted the support of other Symbian investors and supporters to unite all the disparate elements of the handset OS into one single, open platform under the umbrella of the Symbian Foundation."


Submission + - Opera announces Mobile 9.5 version with Flash Lite (

Ilgaz writes: "Opera Software announces Opera Mobile 9.5 which will be available on all major platforms including Symbian, Windows Mobile and Linux, as both a standalone browser and as a SDK. They also provided a Video showing its main features at . Opera Mobile is currently shipped on more than 100 million phones."

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