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Comment Re: Meanwhile... (Score 1) 40

For OSes with frequent releases, calendar-based numbering makes more sense than major numbers. What qualifies as a major change in an OS is very subjective, and it means nobody needs to remember how old FooBSD 7.5 or 8.3 or whatever is.

I won't argue that the silly names are a good idea, though.

Comment Re: Diversity Bullshit (Score 1) 546

By the same argument, should laws against polygamy/polyandry or incestuous marriages be repealed? What if one prospective spouse is unable to legally consent?

If you think that maybe the government does have some business deciding which marriages to recognize and which should not be recognized, maybe you should have a bit more respect for people who draw the line somewhere else. You don't have to recognize their position as right or even very reasonable, but you really should recognize them as people who can be respected.

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