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Comment Re: What an empty life (Score 3, Insightful) 736

It's a systemic problem with their entitled mindset. Fake news is no different from the fake rape and fake attack accusations that individuals have been making recently, only instead of being actioned by individual actors fake news comes out via more organised organisations.

They honestly feel that whatever their specific problem is, lying serves the greater good, which is a very childish position to be coming from.

Comment Review Fail (Score 4, Informative) 259

Terrible review

1) "its fast" dur no one said it wasnt
2) "he has usb-c SSDs" wow go you
3) "dongles arent a problem as i use the laptop in a desktop setting anyway and will be buying a thunderbolt dock for the desk" AWESOME man thats great that youve removed the laptops killer feature, portability, to accessorise
4) "everyone that isnt as enlightened as the reviewer sucks" thanks for telling us we arent as good as you because this generation of MBP doesnt work for our needs


Comment Re:Simple Solution (Score 1) 212

This is actually my plan, I was waiting on the new MBP as I want the 2TB SSD and the 'e' key on my current MBP is broken.

However, I need a fully functioning SD Card reader in the field and the ability to copy data around with a USB key to other people and I can't be bothered of the burden of having to ensure I've packed a separate card reader and USB-C -> A converter in one of the three different bags to guarantee I can effectively work.

I'm unlikely to forget to take my laptop to work but I forget the SD card dongle for my iPad all the time as I only have the one...

Comment privacy concerns are tos fudder (Score 1) 74

all successful, quality, conferencing apps use a client server approach with muxing of streams taking place on the server itself allowing you to reserve maximum bandwidth for voice quality

the architecture of the platform isnt the privacy concern, the tos are

Comment Re: Omar Saddiqui Mateen? (Score 1) 1718

not quite, think of it more simply as atheists do not believe there is a god.

like, we are the default state of being, before you start shovelling layers on us, one of which is a belief layer.

i don't walk around believing there is no god, in as much as i dont walk around believing that i am not a millionaire. i am simply not a millionaire and i reject the notion of a god to believe in

consider a new born baby with no education on religion, does he believe in a god? does he believe there are no gods or is he simply unaware and not involved in this bullshit?

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