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Comment Re:Mount Tambora (1815 volcano eruption) (Score 1) 547

They've realized that with oil being cheap, the non-oil energy sources margins are too thin, or at a loss. With an USA oil tax at the pipe line, or from imports at oil carrier ship (unless the importing country has already taxed it), would then increase oil prices, and the market would then put more money non-oil energy sources.

Higher fossil-fuel prices will also assist in reducing the numbers of old, sick, and poor (especially the poor) through attrition as the prices for heating and A/C go higher and higher and more and more deaths from heat/cold exposure and starvation (many will have to choose between food and heat/AC). Luckily it won't much affect those that matter...the rich and the politically-connected who can easily afford outrageously high energy costs.

Increasing energy costs have a very real and serious affect on the lives of people, and price increases are extremely regressive as they hurt the poorest first and worst.

Can't we come up with a solution that doesn't involve forcing poor, sick, and elderly people to die of exposure?


Comment Re: Including this one? (Score 1) 330

It could be. The defective by default design of autocorrect seem to be creeping in everywhere, not just office, but sms, mobile,

What annoys the crap out of me is every now and then when I am typing a text my phone decides that the first letter of every word in the message needs to be capitalized and automatically changes them.

Comment Not Counter-Strike (Score 1) 190

Until you make a game that requires practice and skill to be competitive, you won't have the staying power of games like CS and SC. People have been playing the original CS for over 15 years, and the new games are essentially the same game mechanics repackaged to keep us from buying a game once and playing it for 15 years.

Comment stereo vs 5.1 (Score 0) 381

I have cars where you can plug in the music, or go through Bluetooth, and Bluetooth just sounds so flat for the same music.

Headphone jack is stereo, while bluetooth you can do 5.1 surround sound.

Now I've definitely had issues on Android phones where my car receiver and my phone didn't appear to agree on the same format and there would be channels missing in the audio. Listening to music without the rear speakers and sub is sounds really bad. If I reboot my phone it usually works again, just turning BT on and off doesn't usually fix it. Stupid technology.

Comment Re:HDMI? (Score 1) 77

Silicon Image makes nice scaling and filtering chips, and I'd recommend them if anyone is doing a design for low resolution to high resolution retro consoles or upscaling adapters. They are inexpensive because they don't use a full frame buffer, but their scaling quality is not as good with interlaced because of that design choice. Because NES uses fake interlaced mode it's not likely to matter.

Comment Re:Lazy journalists again (Score 1) 70

Wikipedia cites its sources. If journalists did the same, we would find out they get everything from Wikipedia, instead of looking to see where Wikipedia got it.

Except when journalists go to Wikipedia and quote it, then a Wikipedia editor goes back and attributes the journalist's article as the source of the information found in the Wikipedia article.

Comment Re:What event? (Score 1) 524

The worst confidential info "scandal" was when she gave the order to send talking points for the day...

So, you either don't actually know what SAP material is (in which case you're being willfully ignorant on this topic and should stop expressing opinions until you read up on it), or you DO know, and you're just being another liar in the service of a liar.

Comment Re:65 million? (Score 1) 127

Just imagine how much we could accomplish with all that welfare money? (3 trillion a year).

Where are your priorities, man!?

Don't you realize that $3T is what keeps the status quo the status quo and contributes heavily to a 90%+ incumbent reelection rate?

Why, I just heard about the new program being proposed by the administration to help quell the recent riots. It's sort of a spin-off from the 'Cash For Clunkers' program.

They believe that access to safe and stylish transportation will both assist in their financial mobility but also in bolstering self esteem.

They've floated a few possible names for a vehicle giveaway program for inner-city "justice-involved" individuals at risk:

"Caddies For Baddies"

"Navigators for Violators"

"Lugs For Thugs"

"Escapes For Rapes"

They briefly considered but abandoned an identical plan with motorcycles for those involved in gun violence they considered calling "Scooters For Shooters".


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