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Comment Re:Lots of valuable information... (Score 1) 394

interesting, I always trunk my whole network out one vpn, to avoid overloading the router with multiple vpn's. Do you find this affects your router at all, or do you have a particularly beefy one.
I have a setup with a seperate router doing the vpn, and anything on my network that uses it as a gateway will go out the vpn. This allows me to use the vpn on all sorts of devices and choose which ones go out it and which ones hit the regular internet (stupid netflix). It also give me an egress point to connect to vpn'd devices from outside my network, if necessary.

Comment Re:Nothing to worry about (Score 1) 71

I know I shouldn't feed trolls, but having someone yell insults from the short bus is irritating. I can understand that without the brainpower to metephorically turn on an LED, it might seem like South Africa is a failed socialist state, especially if you rabidly consume the alt-right dogma.
However, it might be that there is more to the story.
A history of colonialism, apartheid, restricted access to education and all the other shit that South Africa has dealt with... This makes for a poorly prepared electorate and tends to allow dysfunction and corruption.
But I guess that doesn't play as well to your base.

Comment Re:Self-incriminating password. (Score 1) 518

I believe the legal counter to this which is slowly starting to emerge is 'We're not ordering you to divulge your password. We're ordering you to decrypt the drive. We quite specifically don't want, or need, your password, nor do we care if the drive is encrypted with a passphrase, biometrics, physical token, whatever. We're just ordering you to decrypt it.'

Much like your 'papers' are immune to unreasonable search and seizure, but are subject to reasonable search and seizure, i.e. with a duly sworn out warrant and all that, so are your digital papers. I think this is the correct result.

I believe that, if the cops find a file in a locked file cabinet, said file being labelled 'Plans to murder my wife' and full of, well, plans to murder your wife, you don't get to have them declared inadmissible under the fifth; you get to refuse to answer questions like 'did you create these plans' and 'did you carry out these plans.' Seems to me that a directory full of documents, said directory being labelled 'plans to kill my wife' would be treated the same.

Comment Re:Opposite effect of that intended (Score 1) 319

And part of the modern tribalism problems are because Europeans drew some lines on a map and said 'This is now a country, surely you two tribes that have been in conflict for countless years can now just get along, yeah?'

Note that Europeans have done this to themselves; WW2 was a direct result of this sort of crap after WW1.

Comment Re:But the world is flat isn't it? (Score 1) 319

A few years back, I wrote a letter to a teacher who was teaching my daughter's public school class, I want to say around grade six, the whole Columbus fairy tale.

It was a lovely letter, full of references to Washington Irvine, Ancient Greek origins of geometry 'literally, earth measurement' and experiments demonstrating the globular nature of the Earth, and surprisingly accurate diameter calculations, the Catholic Church fully supporting and backing Columbus's journey, the whole nine yards.

I got back a terse reply that this was the curriculum, so shut it.

Did I mention that I live in Canada?

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