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Comment Re:*SNAP* Gone! (Score 1) 291

Sure, until they lock the cell firmware to an equivalent of UEFI secure boot on intel chips. You can disable it, but it also disables the cell radio and you can't get services. If they're a bitch about it, they'd do like Samsung has with some versions of Knox, where a tripped counter permanently disables some features (like Samsung Pay).

Comment Re:Do you now realize why Trump won? (Score 0) 600

He wants insular protectionism. What he doesn't realize is that it will also bring the negative - which is protectionism by other partners. We will be at a further disadvantage to selling our goods internationally as others impose tariffs to match ours. We'll get a fraction of our jobs back for those things that were previously produce overseas, but downward wage pressure will increase because everyone who sells internationally now has to lower their price to become competitive over the quid pro quo tarrifs and, domestically, we'll see 20-30% inflation on goods due to either tarrifs on foreign goods or more expensive, domestically produced alternatives. The net effect is that nearly everybody loses, but we gain a small fraction of jobs that nobody will want to do (how many people are clamoring for piece-work level electronics assembly positions anyway?)

Comment Architectural engineer here (Score 1) 260

I have a "paperless office" and do 200+ small jobs a year. I still go through about 2 cases of Letter and Ledger paper (combined, for one engineer), plus a 500' roll of 36" wide bond a year. But I don't have any permanent hard copy storage. I've got probably 6 copies in digital format in various online and off-(or near-)line backups. It's far cheaper than storing the real stuff.

But no matter how I've tried to get rid of paper, when I throw on a set of coveralls to go into the 15" tall crawl space of a 150 year old theater to check existing structure, I'm going to take a pencil, paper, and $2 clipboard and leave my Surface in the truck. I regularly send digital copies of my prints to people, but if it's a small time contractor I'm going to send him at least three full-size printed copies, or else he'll make 8.5x11 reductions of my 24x36 prints on his 8 year old inkjet printer and the poor fool in the field won't be able to read any of it.

I also still far prefer pencil on paper for sketching to even the best tablets - and I've tried practically all of them. Some twice. I sketch on paper, scan it, then have it drafted into CAD. (yes, it's still much faster than drafting myself, and I'm a pretty good CAD jockey). I'm slowly switching over, but technical drawing on a tablet is just plain inefficient - there aren't enough of us to make it worth while as a market, so there are no good hand drafting programs.

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