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Verizon Revises Its Deal With Yahoo, Reduces Price Of Acquisition By $350M ( 45

Ingrid Lunden, writing for TechCrunch: After the disclosure of two massive data breaches last year, today Yahoo and Verizon finally confirmed new terms for the sale of Yahoo to Verizon: Verizon will pay $350 million less than originally planned, working out to a price of $4.48 billion to acquire Yahoo. The two have also agreed to share legal and regulatory liabilities after the massive data breach at Yahoo, which affected some 1.5 billion users across two hacks, one revealed in September 2016, and another in December 2016.
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'Counter-Strike' Gets Invaded By An Unblockable Chat-Bot ( 104

An anonymous reader writes: "At least one intruder is taking advantage of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive exploit to flood lobbies (even private ones) with text from chat bots that can't be kicked," writes Engadget. The attack "allegedly comes from one person," according to Kotaku, which reports that "It's a similar exploit to one found a few weeks ago, where typing messages into a lobby allowed users to rank up and down as they chose." The chat bot's text includes various complaints about Counter-Strike which it claims motivated the attack, including cheaters, hackers and "bugs that break the game," and it urges a one-day boycott "to proof [sic] them that we care about the game and want them to fix it."

Comment Re: Control vs. Security (Score 1, Troll) 120

Because these morons do not actually want to do anything about the problem, they are just looking for excuses for MS. How somebody can be this stupid is beyond me, but "happy slaves" are apparently a reality.

Incidentally, for serious security vulnerabilities, the Linux kernel has time-to-fix considerably less than 90 days. Times of below 12h after reporting have been observed. There is no issue to be fixed here, the Linux folks are doing their job. The problem is that MS is not doing theirs and are endangering hundreds of millions of people in the process.

Comment Re: Control vs. Security (Score 1, Troll) 120

You are either stupid or trolling.

First, MS did actually get something like a year here. And second: The policy is simple: Get 90 days unless there are some special circumstances. There were none (except gross incompetence by MS), hence the bug got published after they failed again (!) to fix it and it was already being exploited.

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