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Comment Re:Antivaxing in particular (Score 0, Flamebait) 499

The people in to it are generally above average in an academic sense.

That usually just means that they memorized a bunch of shit in their specific field.
I know a few complete morons with masters degrees. Mostly lit or art, but that still qualifies them as "above average in an academic sense".

Smartest Motherfucker in the Universe Syndrome.

Their intelligence leads to a hubris which leads to them doing dumb shit.

That is not intelligence.
That is arrogance.

Being intelligent doesn't make one informed.

Being intelligent, means you know how to make yourself informed.
Being smart means you do it.
We are not talking about intelligent people here.
We are talking about stupid, arrogant bastards.

Comment Not Snowden (Score 5, Insightful) 243

Snowden is not responsible for this.
Clapper and his friends in the intelligence agencies have been abusing their spy powers for years with overreaching dragnet surveillance operations.
If they were not such abusive, power hungry megalomaniacs, most people would not consider encryption a necessity.
Clapper needs to take responsibility for his own actions, and not blame people who actually do something to protect and defend the constitution that he uses as toilet paper/

Comment Re:The BSD and MIT licenses are the only real opti (Score 4, Informative) 100

There's no justifiable reason to disallow the distribution of binaries built from modified source code.

My code. My rules. That is all the justification I need.
If you don't like my rules, don't use my code.

Disallowing that isn't promoting freedom; it's eliminating freedom.

The GPL is about the freedom of the code.
with the BSD/MIT/whatever licenses the code is more Free to start with. The GPL makes sure that the code stays Free.
If you don't like the GPL, don't use it.
You just have to understand that different types of people appreciate different types of freedom.

Comment Self driving cars (Score 1) 242

another survey revealed that even engineers continue to be wary of fully autonomous vehicles

That statement makes it look like it is almost a surprise.
Most engineers that I know are more concerned with the problems that can arise with fully autonomous vehicles than Joe sixpack, simply because they have at least some idea of how it works.
In an uncontrolled environment, there will be something that you did not plan for, and it is just a matter of time before there the shit hits the fan.
For Joe sixpack, a computer is a magic box. They don't know how it works, and they don't care. Until something goes wrong.

Comment JAVA (Score 3, Informative) 230

From TFA.
"Attackers have exploited Linux servers that run unpatched versions of Apache Struts and Tomcat with vulnerabilities"

Apache Struts, Tomcat, and elasticsearch (mentioned in the summary) are all written in java.
To me, that indicates a JAVA vulnerability, not a Linux vulnerability.

Comment I have had a few of these calls (Score 5, Funny) 251

I usually get 1 of these calls per month.
I like to see how long it takes before they swear at me and hang up.
One time i started the conversation with "I like pie", and spent the next 20 minutes telling this guy about all the pies i have eaten in my life.

My favorite of all time was a lady with a very attractive voice. Every time she told me to do something, i made up a bullshit error message. She was sounding very confused when she finally asked me what version of windows i was using and i told her windows 19.
She tried to explain to me that the latest version of windows was windows 7, but about halfway through my story about how i wanted a very fast computer, so i built a time machine to go buy a new computer in the future, she started using some very colorful language, including a few words that i have never heard before, and i can swear in 17 languages.

Every time i get bored, i watch the phone and hope for another call from them.

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