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Comment Re:Good trailers? (Score 4, Funny) 58

Not really. I think the guys around the corner building a highly efficient and flexible network stack have a tough job.

Making a trailer isn't that difficult. Just take all of the scenes that detail every bit of the plot and slap them together. Once you have something that removes any potential chance of enjoying the film then it can be called complete. In some cases, when the film is so incredibly terrible, it may be necessary to fabricate a trailer that has barely anything in common with the film. Sure, you probably should have made that movie instead, but then we wouldn't have done all of this blow.

Comment Re:What went wrong (Score 2) 186

There was never a question about Madoff going straight to scam. It wasn't until the pyramid scheme fell did he get caught.

This was just insanity and there was never an avenue for it succeed. There are no fudge lines in testing and anyone at any point could proven the product did not work. Which is what happened.

It never worked and either the people involved were criminal or criminally stupid.

I'm going to bet on a whole lot of sociopaths got together. It's still unlikely any of them will see jail time so looks like it panned out!

Comment Re:Better question (Score 2) 212

Not today...

Well probably today...

Do you believe that once they have the software to circumvent protections they will use it only when absolutely necessary? No, this is going to be freely available to everyone in law enforcement, their husbands/wives, friends and well some random torrent server. It will make passwords and protection a moot point overnight. Rightly destroying any credibility they have built.

This is just a bunch of hoopla to force them to write software for them. There isn't going to be anything useful on that phone and it won't bring back the dead. It's going to be in court so long that any other impending attacks will have already happened.

They also built that whole information gathering network that seems not be doing jack and shit apparently.

Apple should just lock up the usb firmware update process on the next piece of hardware. Just close out the last of the gaps and if they have to give up a few phones a year due to bricking... a small price.

Comment Re:Aim to not be Reddit, Hacker News, Stack Overfl (Score 1) 1839

I personally don't like the firehose, but maybe it's a good idea.

Years ago we tried to make topics actually work. It never really gained traction because there just isn't that much attention in those dedicated areas.
Years ago we also tried tagging articles, but mods tended to be upset when we tagged many terrible articles as 'slow news day.'

Perhaps, the two could be combined to form not terribly specific communities that have a lower threshold for publishing and could be surfaced to the main page if it gets enough discussion. It's not quite a reddit implementation where communities are established with their own moderation bland, but more of a sorted version of firehost.

Right now, I don't use any of those and there are a large number of not really 'news for nerds' articles I don't care to read. Perhaps if I could just surf the 'newsfornerds.slashdot.org' or 'linux.slashdot.org' with more frequent articles then it would help both flesh out more articles and bring back a little niche.

It's something to think about... I don't really see a need to self moderated communities like reddit because of of the shit hole that can become, but realistically you need a way to lower the barrier to news aggregation. These side channels could be filled faster and maybe carry a disclaimer about the frequency of publishing.

Comment Re: Meet the new boss (Score 1) 1310

In fairness, they did drop the tech slant and posted general fluff in order to make a wider appeal to slashvertisements.

If that isn't a monetization strategy I don't know what is!

It had the tiny (oh so small) side effect of alienating the user base they purchased. I'm sure all those hardcore fans would have been replaced with a more general consuming consumer eventually. If only there had been more time!

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