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Comment Accusation -> Punishment directly (Score 1) 407

This must be the Brave New World I hear so much of - the one where one procedes directly from accusation to punishment without going through pesky intervening stages like "trial" and "conviction". At lest, that is my impression. So, since the accusation has been made and trial and conviction are being bypassed I can go directly to punishing the people involved for attempting to undermine the fundamental human rights of the accused.

Comment Re:Untouchable criminal (Score 1) 239

What is just as bad is Trump is encouraging a foreign government to intervene and help him win the election. That is so far beyond the pale as to be totally unforgiveable and instantly disqualifying.

Did you actually listen to the speech where he said this, or just your Democratic Information Masters? It's blatantly obvious it's totally tongue in cheek if you actually listen to it. Trump says a lot of stupid stuff; why don't you attack the stuff that he's serious about, rather than jokes?

Comment Re:What about Excel? (Score 1) 99

I'm torn on this... Excel is so abused by engineers already, I'm not sure I want too many more engineering-friendly features added. Python, R, MATLAB, JMP... please, just use another tool. The other solutions are not quick and dirty, and sometimes quick and dirty is all you need - but good lord, know when to move on to another tool. We have an abortion of an Excel sheet that does data collection, including ftp and telnet, and then tries to manipulate the resulting huge data sets. I blame MS for removing the row and column limits that used to nip such silliness in the bud. :)

Comment Re:Cut 'n Paste (Score 1) 99

Word makes it difficult sometimes to use it as a word processor. In particular, I find it's implementation of styles somewhat clunky and it is painful to create and manage tables, figures, and pictures. The fields also have odd behavior that hasn't been updated in decades. They keep bolting stuff on, but not fixing the underlying warts - presumably for compatibility. The result is several different "layers" on the document, with a combination of new and old objects that you can stick on various layers, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. There are several ways to do a text box, for instance, and each are edited through a completely separate workflow.

Comment Re:Lockouts have you heard of them? (Score 1) 153

Some OSHA regulations

Not one OSHA regulation applies. this isn't America. We have standards which I- having worked with a number of American safety-responsible personnel - think are generally tighter. Those standards are designed by the Health And Safety Executuve and are enforced with the power of the criminal law. Directors of companies do get jailed for breaches on occasion, and HSE inspectors who achieve that are very happy to have achieved it.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 603

I need to use cruise control just to stay out of traffic court - I'm a lead foot if left to my own devices.

My strategy is to pass as quickly as possible to find the next "hole" in traffic to settle into. Sometimes that means my speed varies as I try to maintain my position in the hole and people who I passed end up passing me. I figure as long as I'm over in the right lane, it shouldn't really be a problem for people to play leapfrog a little bit. I feel much safer not jockeying around in the clusters.

This strategy works not even a little in moderate to heavy traffic, in which case I simply get in the left lane and go as fast as possible, which if I'm lucky is 5-10 over the speed limit.

Comment Re:..doesnt factor in connection cost. (Score 1) 174

I'm sorry if I'm being dense to a joke, but are you serious? They don't need to sample you personally to get a pretty good idea of what people's habits are. A few thousand ought to do it, and there are hundreds of millions of Americans. The chances of you being sampled are minuscule.

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