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Comment Re:Microsoft...why couldn't they do this? (Score 1) 218

I read this last night, was hoping to come back to some more nonsense, but i think he realized that he was just talking in circles about his laziness and lack of aspiration. You made a bunch of very good points about alternatives i hope some people take it to heed.

Comment Re:Mega Accident Waiting to Happen (Score 1) 68

I see so you one of those "it applies to everyone but me" types. When 'you' are talking on the phone, 'you' aren't distracted, it's only when everyone else does it. When 'you' drive without a license between the ages of 16 and 21, 'you' aren't doing anything wrong, yet you imply other 16yos shouldn't be on the road with or without licenses.

I never claimed i didnt do anything wrong. I was using that as a focus on how i drive. Sure i know it was illegal. Sure i did it anyways, scared shitless every day. But as i said im a better driver than most. When i do use my phone on the road, Driving somes first, I cant tell you how many times ive basically stopped talking to pay attention to other people that are driving like morons that i need to avoid. Im also not saying that makes it any safer. But my accident record says it helps. You realize there are people out there that wreck their vehicles once a year or so. Beyond repair wreck. Im talking about the bad drivers, not the good drivers. Disclaimer* I was taught to drive by people that raced a lot(not street racing). I dont race i just try to stay alive on the road these days.

Comment Re: MS pushing more into older OS or Linux/Mac (Score 1) 235

I have never liked Apple products myself, The iPhone is the only exception. So I dont have a lot of experience on Mac software. But as you said its Unix and i can get by if i need to. I use windows for gaming, and Linux for all else. And as soon as i build myself a Ryzen PC i will only be running games in a VM, If i cant get them to install natively with WINE or maybe Linux AAA releases(we can hope right). As for the rest of your comment you can look below to what i replied to Ayanami_R and see that i completely agree with what youre saying. Its too easy to have an excuse for. And if you have prior experience and were decent before 2010.. you should be able to knock it out of the park these days. Anyways off to test a few new Linux Distros.

Comment Re: MS pushing more into older OS or Linux/Mac (Score 1) 235

You can also just ignore all the extra stuff, and use it as it. it will work fine trust me. but you still have to learn something other than microsoft's bend you over and violate you OS's. Take somebody that has NEVER used anything but a browser, who wants to learn more. but them on a linux computer.. they will learn it the same way "everybody" knows how to use windows. Which is why I say people just dont want to learn. Therefor they can continue to get fucked by microsoft or apple and limit their capabilities. I am proficient in Windows, and Linux. Mac-OS i can get by in as its Unix base and the command line still exists, unlike what microsoft is trying to do. Back to what i was originally stating. Stop whining because you dont want to learn.

Comment Re: Forget the graphic cards... (Score 1) 93

I honestly cant remember exact details, the name will explain that. But i do recall on several occasions you speaking about working at microsoft(maybe im wrong and you said you had just applied, but pretty sure im not wrong) along with several short stints at companies. I have only worked for 4 companies in my 16 years as an electrician. only one for 3 months, so when i hear stories like yours it makes me think youre not any good at what you do. Because those of us who are good at what we do stay at companies long term. Maybe tech is different and if so glad i didnt go into it. way more fun as a hobby.

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