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Comment Re: Slashdot Hacked! - CONFIRMED (Score 1) 128

Lol weed is cheap for me. The good stuff too. But I actually don't make bad money for being an ex-fuckup I actually just got a raise to 23/hr and I'm an electrician so that's not close to pay cap. And I love Las Vegas i wouldn't want to live anywhere else. But good work on the math

Comment Re:It's sooo easy! (Score 1) 126

as i said if it was a honeypot, your password went into a password list. and there are some very sophisticated honeypots out there. i have a friend setting one up for whitehat purposes and you cant tell it from a real machine. it even lets you ddos from it. the fact of the matter is that password managers aren't a good idea. local encrypted ones are better, but the best is using strong memorable passwords. its harder for some people than others. i dont have an issue with it. im just trying to help people

Comment Re:It's sooo easy! (Score 1) 126

Well than your "low security" passwords were probably commonly used. i know mine arent and i dont worry. im trying to give people advice from an ex black hat. I try to help now, but MOST of those "is your pasword hacked" lists are nothing but a honeypot for more passwords. the only trust worthy ones are the ones that you enter the username and if its in a dump it will show you your password. and theres not many of those. take it how you will. but putting a password into the wild to "see if it was stolen" is a very bad idea. did the site even use SSL or did they transfer your passwords in plain text??

Comment Re:3 articles referencing the same statement, misu (Score 1) 126

yes. 8-16 character passwords with upper lower numbers and special characters is shit. I'm glad you know my passwords. as ive said before. I dont worry about it because i use strong passwords and dont open myself up to attack vectors that are poorly protected. it seems like alot of people do so im trying to help people learn good practice. online password managers, as this example shows is not good practice. And it depends on what kind of infection your pc may have, if their payload doesnt include a keylogger, and alot dont. it can only pull your passwords from programs like steam and chrome and edge and wotnot. i used to be one of the people that did such activitys. but apparently nobody here wants to hear from somebody with experience on the other side of the fence. and people wonder why this world is turning to shit. you obviously know more about everything than i do. so please do tell.

Comment Re:3 articles referencing the same statement, misu (Score 1) 126

Ok thats a bit safer, but still not fully. You have to always assume your pc has been hacked. Anything on that pc is up for grabs, as soon as keepass unencrypts in memory, and has all your passwords there while it chooses which one it needs, or if it only pulls the one and decrypts it. i can still use a memory leak exploit thats in almost every piece of software for windows, and now i still have the password you were trying to hide and keep secure. passwords themselfs are inherently insecure. thats why the security field is trying to get rid of them. as far as practice goes. i would say offline encrypted passwords is second to using your brain as the vault. but i hope everybody learns from this and stops using online password managers.

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