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Submission + - Microsoft Delays February Patch Tuesday Indefinitely ( 1

UnderAttack writes: Microsoft today announced that it had to delay its February patch Tuesday due to issues with a particular patch. This was also supposed to be the first patch Tuesday using a new format, which led some to believe that even Microsoft had issues understanding how the new format is exactly going to work with no more simple bulletin summary and patches being released as large monolithic updates.

Comment in US too (Score 2) 219

I worked for a US company, as a software developper, that decided to block all the "shareware" "freeware" open source" and al websites, so we had no access to github, stack overflow, forums or anything interesting for developpers. We had to fight HR (it seems HR head had the decision to unblock site, try to explain what open source is...) to access them. It was a true nightmare, they were control freak of the web. The number of times you did a search, click on the answer you were looking for and bam! blocked! We had bypass using different DNS or 3G on our phone, etc.

Comment Re:Totally the right call (Score 1) 90

> Despite this, Qualcomm is still heavily marketing its proprietary quickcharge 3.0 system to smartphone manufacturers, purely for the incremental profits on licensed wall chargers

Maybe, I don't know, I bought an Aukey QC2.0 charger for my Zenfone2, it charges at 9V 2A and it is really convenient, it's proprieaty I agree but USB-C was not mainstream a few years ago...

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