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Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 406

Agreed. I've spent the last year (two summers included) in Las Vegas. It routinely gets over 110 degrees F, but humidity averages between 25 - 35%. I'm currently visiting my folks in upstate NY, and the 80 deg F / 70% humidity is honestly wearing me down (and I grew up in NYS)...

Comment Re:Watch the messenger (Score 1) 457

I doubt it. The tablet market is going to become a very crowded space very shortly with several potential competitors who have been developing their products for much longer than Apple has.

Kind of like the iPod never took off because Archos, Diamond, and Creative were already in the market and developed their products before Apple. Oh, wait...

While the iPad won't fail, it won't enjoy the same long-term success the iPhone has had.

Which argument are we making? That successful Apple products DO or DON'T have stiff competition? Because as we all know, the iPhone is a raging success only because there are no other smartphone offerings on the market. (sarcasm)

I'm no Apple whore - in fact, I kind of really despise that company. I own an iPod, but it's been gathering dust since I found Pandora a year or so ago on my (then) BlackBerry. And I want to smash my friend's MacBook Pro every time I have to use it. But your argument's more than a little thin on corroborating facts.

Comment Re:It's called a team (Score 5, Insightful) 426

In the Army, we had a saying that the officers/senior staff's job, in addition to things like battle planning during exercises/times of conflict, was to be "in charge of the beans and the bullets". Meaning, keep the resources flowing that the team needs to keep working as efficiently as possible.

It's no different with management - as a manager of a staff of 11, my job is to keep them working as best they can but STAY OUT OF THEIR WAY. I don't have to know the absolute minute details of how/why their doing something, as long as the project stays on track. If it means making sure a delivery of materials is ready so they can start the project on time, it means that. If it means making sure we have proper drawings/documentation before we start the project, it means that. If it means running out to a vendor to resupply something when the shit hits the fan, it means that. If it means buying pizza because we had to work late, it means that. Keep them working and focused on the task, not the support needs. But it does NOT mean I get in their way and hover over them, constantly checking their work. Most managers that I've met who know every specific detail about how to do the job their employees are doing aren't actually good "people" managers - they're micromanagers who usually suffer from a variety of social disorders, shall we say, and couldn't "manage" their way out of a paper bag.

Good management is as much about knowing what NOT to do as knowing what TO do.

Obviously, if your team actually ARE a bunch of idiots, you have to change your tactics a bit, but in this economy, why do you have idiots working for you? ;-)

Comment Re:Using BD-Live is the real story (Score 1) 145

I was going to comment on how blatantly stupid the whole summary is - the actual story, in case anyone missed it, is that the PS3 will be getting Netflix streaming to the console, first via a BD-Live workaround, then through a firmware upgrade at a later date.

However, from the very first sentence of the summary, it takes an otherwise mildly interesting story (I think it's cool) with a perfectly valid subject line, and DIRECTLY baits the anti-MS crowd (who bit it, and hard), becomes downright masturbatory and garners the expected response. Meaningful discourse indeed.

PS - hey fanboy retards - buy one of the OTHER consoles (whatever one you're slagging on, in case you're confused), then talk about which one is "better". They all have strengths and weaknesses.

Comment Re:Well, seriously... (Score 1) 194

Wow. The fact that this post was labelled as flamebait proves the incredible difficulty of trying to have an objective discussion, at least wrt Linux/Windows, on this forum. I cannot for the life of me see what the parent said that would merit a flamebait mod. If he said it sucked, or that only losers who live in their parents' basement use it (as opposed to Windows users who don't know a computer from their bread machine), or something along those lines, I could see it. They said they try it, they have problems (they even hint at what the problem usually is), and that they give up in it. And that makes them hesitant to recommend it. Seems reasonable to me.

But then again, I clearly work for MS, so don't listen to what I say. ;-)

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