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Submission + - Cheaper drugs 'breakthrough' patent work-around

Heir Of The Mess writes: "In this article Professor Shaunak, of Imperial College, said that he and Professor Brocchini, from the London School of Pharmacy, could alter the molecular structure of an existing drug and turn it technically into a new medicine which would no longer be under a 20-year patent to a multinational drug company.

Sunial Shaunak and his colleague Steve Brocchini claim that their "ethical pharmaceutical" model could enable millions in poor countries to be cured of infectious diseases as well as slashing the NHS drugs bill. Here it says the process will be started in India on a clinical trial basis and will be sponsored by the Indian government. The cost of producing a new drug according to multinational companies is around $800 million. However Shaunak said that the total cost of development of their drug would be just a few million pounds. He added that the patent of the drug would be held by the Imperial College who will employ top patent lawyers to make sure that no one will block its development.

More articles can be found here."

Submission + - French protesters violate DMCA

Heir Of The Mess writes: "The taipei times has an article about how Jerome Martinez and friends handed themselves in to French police, challenging major firms to take them to task for flouting anti-piracy measures.

Among their crimes was listening to a song purchased from iTunes on a device not made by Apple Computer, and copying a movie from a DVD to a portable media device. In mounting their protest, members of the group in Paris saw themselves as foot soldiers of the digital generation battling against ever-tighter controls over songs, film and all digitized culture.

It's good to see that the French people have the courage to stand up to these laws being foisted upon them.

It's also covered elsewhere on the net here, and here."

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