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Comment Re:Is anyone really surprised? (Score 1, Insightful) 66

Your argument is hilarious due to its fallacies.

Maybe private industry didn't go to the moon because there was no compelling business reason to do so. I guarantee you if the government had said "We will give a 200-year exclusive settlement and mining rights to the first corporation to land on the moon", it would have been done faster and cheaper than the government did it.

Maybe the government insists on maintaining its monopoly on road infrastructure and won't allow private roads to be built. Or maybe private industry has no interest in doing it, because the costs to generate revenue from it outweigh the revenue.

Government responds to different incentives than private corporations do, so of course in many cases they do jobs that private industry won't. Being a monopoly or taking on revenue-negative work doesn't mean that the people doing that work are at the top of their field.

Comment Is anyone really surprised? (Score 3, Insightful) 66

Is anyone REALLY surprised that the FBI was wrong? Government doesn't attract top-tier talent. Never has, never will. When your hiring practices, policies, procedures, compensation and benefits are all at the bottom of the barrel, well... that's what you get. The bottom of the barrel.

Comment Re:How much is the fine for false information? (Score 1) 129

In Canada, not filling out the census has not only monetary penalties, but potential jail time. So if you're one of the unlucky 25% of households that got the "long form" census this year, you had to -- under threat of fines and jail time -- provide information like whether you have any "emotional, psychological or mental health conditions" (question 11e), the address you normally work at, how you get to work, what time you leave for work and how long it takes you to get to work (questions 42, 43, 44a and 44b), how much you paid for child care, child support and spousal support (48, 49), if your house needs repairs (F6), how much you pay for electricity, heating and water (F8a-c), and how much your mortgage payments are (F10a).

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