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Comment Thin sucks (Score 4, Insightful) 104

I'm sitting here looking at my nice Nexus 5x phone, that has a perfectly good 3.5mm jack on it. If I lose my earbuds, I can walk into most any store and buy absolutely adequate replacements for $10 or less. The Nexus 5 is already so thin that it felt funny in my hand and I had to buy a case for it that makes it thicker.

You think USB-C headphones that "will feature special multi-function processing units (MPUs)" are ever going to be $10?

Comment Why is there so much pollution? (Score 0) 158

The 2015 documentary "Under the Dome" was produced by a CCTV presenter whose unborn baby developed a tumor in the womb. She tries to find out why there is so much pollution in China, and why nothing is being done about it. The Communist Party's publicity department banned the film three days after release, which should tell you it's something you need to see. (Like how the Democratic National Committee told everyone not to read the leaked emails). When powerful people tell you to do something, you do the opposite. Under the Dome is available on Youtube, which is of course blocked in China. Worth a watch. No relation to the CBS TV series.

Comment I was part of it (Score 0) 103

I was a loyal Opera user for years and years...until Opera discontinued their PC version and called their new re-skin of Chrome as "Opera". I tried it, it didn't last didn't even have bookmarks. So, I started using FF as my default browser. It wasn't half bad once I got a dozen or two plugins installed. Of course, there was always the problem with plugins breaking when FF upgraded, which really sucked. I *depend* on those plugins, they're what make FF usable. One day, a plugin I absolutely had to use for work broke. So, byebye Firefox.

I use the Opera successor called "Vivaldi" now. It's another Chrome clone. It's missing a lot from the old Opera. But, whatever, at least I don't have to deal with Firefox any more. I wanted to like it, it was my last choice...but I wasn't given any choice. That's really what made me abandon Firefox.

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