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Comment Re:The end is near? (Score 1) 481

I don't know where you get the impression I'm disagreeing with you.

My personal opinion is that widespread adoption of Nuclear power is THE answer to solving climate change. I like wind and solar power too, but that whole "constantly available" thing is a struggle for those technologies to get past. Zero emissions is zero emissions that means no coal plants that means either we pave the world with the current tech solar panels or we use nuclear.

So I'm really talking about doing what needs to be done instead of passing a bunch of laws and/or passing around a bunch of money (ie. carbon credits).

And yes my dig on Gore and Leo is not key to solving a problem, but dammit, I'd like the people stating that this is a problem ACTING like they know its a problem and showing it in how they act.

Right now Gore and DiCaprio come across like people telling us how horribly awful second hand smoke is while lighting up yet another cigar....

Comment C'mon SpaceX (Score 1) 139

This is NASA, they're pretty anal about manned spaceflight. You damn well better engineer the turbines to get rid of the cracks.

There is a huge potential for savings with SpaceX's model for launching and reusing rockets, but it all collapses given just a few failures.

If they get very high reliability of their rockets, reuse will end up being a cost destroyer. If they blow some rockets up the reuse savings will disappear.

Comment Re:The end is near? (Score 3, Insightful) 481

But overreacting just kills credibility. Telling everyday people that they have to pay twice as much for electricity and $5/gal or more for gasoline to get to work because CARBON BAD!!! while China India, Brazil and Al Gore game the system to their benefit just pisses people off.

Yep. Also, refusing to build zero emission nuclear plants to replace dirty coal plants, proves that the issue must not be that big of a deal.

Why is it that all climate change responses are about people giving up personal freedom and living under more restrictive laws and any change that really wouldn't be noticed by people is not really fought for...?

We can build the necessary nuclear plants, except the very same people saying "we're all gonna die unless we do something!!" are also out in force to protest against nuclear being one of the answers....

Oh and as for Gore and Leo and all the other celebs lecturing us on how much more control over our lives is needed to save the planet , they continue to fly around the world on charter jets. It is literally the worst thing you can do, carbon footprint wise. We should ban charter flights because of they uselessness and wastefulness. Fly commercial Al and Leo!! Or do you just not care about the environment..?

Comment Hmmmm (Score 2) 194

Arbiters of what is real or what is fake?!!

And the only "problem" anyone sees in this is that they might not find all the "real" fake stuff.

The real problem is we've given control of information and news to people who cannot be unbiased because no human can.

You will see what they let you see. What they let you see will be "correct".

The terrifying thing is not that "there's incorrect stuff on Facebook!!!" The terrifying thing is "Facebook" is actively monitoring and controlling what you see in an effort to get you to believe the "correct" things.... (note any interpretation of correct, that is not one you make yourself, is coercion, manipulation, and propaganda by definition).

The commitment to "cleanse" fake news from the world is one of the most totalitarian efforts I've seen undertaken on a mass scale in my entire life...

Comment First Step (Score 1) 366

Eliminate the red tape and regulation that hampers our building of zero emission Nuclear power plants for our electricity needs. Then replace all coal plants with Nuclear plants.

Until you do this step, stop hectoring me about climate change because if you don't do this step you are NOT serious about fixing Anything, you are just trying to enact legislation to control people's lives....

Because everyone switching to electric cars is pretty useless (yes yes they're more efficient, but thats marginal) until they are All being charged by clean power....

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 502

The evil is in the fact that Facebook, not you, owns and controls this data. It is not "your data", it is THIER data. Another evil, or more just bad, is that people willingly put information on Facebook that will later cause them harm. Another evil is that Facebook does not allow anonymous accounts for users, you are you on Facebook and by their rules cannot retain anonymity.

More evil is that Facebook sells "your data" for its own purposes. An inverse evil is that Facebook selectively chooses what to show your friends and will actively hide some of your posts from some of your friends.

Back towards this topic, Facebook will help the government look at "your data".

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