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Comment Re:never understood removing features (Score -1) 259

They have to get Chrome's memory footprint down to the smallest possible quantity. Why? So it can run flawlessly on shitty underpowered Indian cell phones. True fact. You want Chrome to have features you like and can run on your powerful iPhone? Racist.

Comment Typical Google logic (Score -1) 259

I use these features. However I probably use them once a week, at most. I'm sure the spyware, I'm sorry, telemetry people at Google notice this and say, "well we need to eliminate this feature." Just because I use it once a week doesn't mean it's useless. BUT evidently Google has this big fetish for removing every feature to make their products run on shitty Indian underpowered cell phones, so it's all got to go.

Comment Re:In a perfect world (Score -1) 554

"Until is is available to everyone, it is available to noone" has long been the rallying cry of making things accessible. It's not like Berkeley doesn't have the cash, either. They do. They just don't want to spend it here so they're trying to make the disabled people look like assholes for clearly adhering to a slogan that has reaped enormous benefits in the past.

Comment Re:I know the way Slashdotters vote but... (Score -1) 305

Criticizing Sharia is 'hate speech,' Georgetown students say "My critique of these speakers is not an effort to silence free speech," but only that "these speakers are not exercising free speech, they are exercising hate speech, a speech of the kind that no organization, especially at Georgetown, should endorse or give a platform to."
"I for one, reject and condemn any organization that hides behind the righteous principles of free speech,"

Here's a bunch of op eds from students supporting the Berkeley Anti-Free Speech Riot of 2017:

Comment Re:Too many bad analogies (Score -1) 66

This is a part of the Dunning-Krueger Effect: "high-ability individuals may underestimate their relative competence and may erroneously assume that tasks which are easy for them are also easy for others."

In this case "high-ability" doesn't mean talented, it just means someone who is familiar with "cosplay conventions" and it doesn't occur to her to explain it. She's fully familiar with the idea and can't imagine a world in which people don't know what a cosplay convention is. The sad thing is these folks think that they're explaining things to regular people, but regular people's lives are completely alien to them so they have no frame of reference.

Comment Re:Serious question (Score -1) 300

The deep state does indeed exist. You didn't see the intelligence agencies come straight out and say they're not going to share intelligence with him? Illegally leaking tapped phone conversations to harm him? Jeez. What more does it take?

We are ruled not by Congress, and not even by the President, but by the federal administrative state. This tapeworm-like state-within-a-state is theoretically subordinate to the President (in most cases) and always supposedly exists to execute the will of Congress. In reality it is a monoculture of permanently ensconced leftist bureaucrats who act at their own initiative to advance their ideological goals, except when they work with a President to more aggressively advance their ideological goals. I refuse to call bureaucrats "civil servants," since mostly they serve nobody but themselves and their ideology, and those few who do try to serve Americans as a whole, or are part of legitimate federal functions such as the VA, are structurally part of a system that denies the servant role.

"What Washington Gets Wrong," and itâ(TM)s two scholars from Johns Hopkins University who do a massive survey of senior unelected executives in government, basically the deep state, and asks them a bunch of questions. And as the authors describe the deep state has contemptuous attitudes towards the average American.

"They think theyâ(TM)re far less educated than they actually are," he continued. "They think they are far more dependent than they actually are. Theyâ(TM)re arrogant, they believe, and say in the surveys if the American people want one thing, and they think itâ(TM)s wrong, theyâ(TM)re going to push something else. Thereâ(TM)s a massive disconnect, and the deep state is real, and itâ(TM)s a threat to our republic form of government."

Look, this is just posturing on your part so you can try to make me feel bad. Ever since the election you have made it quite well known JUST HOW MUCH you hate us. I mean, it's really ugly. Tim Goodman said it best, you utterly despise everything we stand for and don't want anything to do with any of us. I'm never going to convince you of anything, after all how do you have a conversation with IRREDEEMABLE DEPLORABLES?

In this election, if you support Donald Trump, you are "the others." I have zero interest in knowing, interacting with, tolerating or otherwise sharing my time or bits of my life with anyone who supports Trump. I don't say that defiantly or righteously, just as fact. Don't follow me on social media. Don't talk to me at parties, at school functions, as a neighbor or even as a friend. Your decision says all I need to know about you. You can't unspin it or rationalize it to me.

Comment Re:Serious question (Score -1) 300

This is one point on which I think you need to take a more nuanced and open-minded view.

Donald Trump is not part of the traditional Rulers' Cabal that we sometimes call the Deep State. He's relatively rich, he shares many of their beliefs in global finance-industrial capitalism, he has reflexive fondness for American exceptionalism and use of force, etc., but he's not "one of them."

He has never been to, let alone completed, Rulers' Finishing School, he doesn't employ the polished Doublespeak and Newspeak of the 21st century (dialects that would make Orwell jealous), he doesn't respect the conventions of Polite Power Society and he's an egomaniac with a long history of going rogue and not giving a shit what anyone thinks about it.

I'm pretty certain that the absolutely unprecedented machinations and Theatre of the Desperately Absurd that we are seeing are prompted by the Owners' genuine concern that Trump won't play by "The Rules" and will, consequently, fuck with the settled Order of Things in their snug little Worldwide Junta.

The utterly wild and crazy shit you see happening would not be required, or even considered, if They weren't seriously worried.

Do you understand what anybody in their right mind could have seen in Trump? No! But maybe that's why you lost.

Comment Re:Serious question (Score -1) 300

These are what are referred to as RINOs - Republicans In Name Only. They have far more in common with their Democrat buddies in Congress than the American people. As we saw in the recent election, they are vitriolically angry that a populist hijacked their party and is taking action that favors the people instead of themselves. Rest easy though, the Deep State is readying itself for a massive attack and will shortly restore things to normalcy. Then we will all look back at this crazy time and have a good laugh.

Comment Re: AMP Good and Bad. (Score -1) 48

Mobile speed to sites inside China is spectacular. Outside China, it's like using a shitty hotel Wi-Fi. 50k/s and lots of packet loss. You need to reload a lot and you get a lot of half finished pages. It's not blocking the sites, that's different. It's just making it annoying to connect to non blocked sites.

Comment Re:Canadian media outlet, CBC... (Score -1) 244

I find myself pointing out the contradictory fact that Canadians, by their own accounting, are humble, marvelously generous, modest, community-spirited, self-effacing and well-mannered. Indeed, they will tell you so at the drop of a hat. Canadians are peacekeepers, not warmongers, they say. But best of all? Best of all, Canadians â" according to themselves â" never brag.

Am I the only one who finds this humorous? I mean, in Canada, flag-waving competes with hockey as the national sport...while, ironically, the Americans I know donâ(TM)t go around waving the red, white and blue. It isnâ(TM)t done. Patriotism isnâ(TM)t fashionable.

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