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Comment Re:Polls were wrong everywhere (Score 1) 286

The explanation for "local stuff" is simple. People were led to believe that the democrats' planned coronation would happen without pesky vote tabulations or anything getting in the way (kind of like in the primaries with the extremely unlikely coin tosses, etc.), so they voted for the opposition in every other race hoping to hold her majesty to account once she was installed.

Comment Re:How nice of Facebook to take time out of... (Score 2) 485

Your analogy is off. Instead of banning skydiving pics, ban pics of junkies shooting up. That's precisely what Tess Munster is all about. "I am morbidly obese and I love it - you can be morbidly obese and love it, too!" Until that first amputation. The beetus is coming for Tess. She should not be recruiting others into her world of impending doom.

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