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Comment Re:Huh?!? (Score 1) 85

Airbus does have sidesticks that work just like a control column. And we can't program the autopilot to do an entire flight including landing. Autoland requires quite a bit of manual actions (engaging approach mode when close to the airport, selecting flaps and landing gear,...) and we are trained to always be ready to take over when the system malfunctions.

Comment Re:Huh?!? (Score 1) 85

The "common meaning" of the word is exactly what I described. Maybe Tesla should educate people more about what the word means (and not make hands-free demos during test drives and in youTube videos), but "most people don't understand the word, therefore you are wrong when you use the word in its correct meaning" is hardly a valid argument. The word means what it means.

Comment Re:Huh?!? (Score 0) 85

That's exactly why they changed the translation. Apparently, the Chinese translation for autopilot also literally means "self driving", and they felt that was pushing their legal luck a little bit too much.

The term "autopilot" itself is pretty well-defined in aviation and boating, to mean an often very stupid automatic steering device that needs constant monitoring, especially during critical phases like landing. An automatic airplane landing is actually more work and stress than a manual one and requires specific training to deal with all the possible failures.

I know lots of people get confused about the term, but that doesn't mean it's wrong. Hey, "automobile" means "moves by itself" so should I sue every automobile manufacturer because their cars need people to set them in motion?

The function of the Tesla autopilot is exactly like that of autopilots in boats and airplanes, they couldn't have chosen a more accurate term.

Comment Re:No Problem Here (Score 4, Insightful) 269

The main issue I have is, No matter how much money is siphoned from the Western Economies (up to and including everything along with shutting down the economies) and provided to other nations, the UN or what ever scientific or world body.

First of all, nobody is "siphoning money" from the U.S. and shutting down its economy to give the spoilers to some filthy foreigners. That's something you made up after being overexposed to someone's fearmongering.

What we do for the next 30-40 years is going to determine the Earth's ultimate temperature for at least 10,000 years. History is closely watching what we're doing right now, and it's watching from farther in the future than you might be realizing. Long after WWII is a footnote of history like the Napoleonic or Punic Wars, the apathetic idiocy on this subject being expressed by the fools alive today- the few who saw it coming, had a chance to do something about it, and did nothing about it for bullshit reasons (like who might be "siphoning money")- will be analyzed for literally tens of thousands of years by all of those affected who will regard the few generations of people alive today as the most despicable generations in all of human existence.

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