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Comment Re:Gravity waves, really? (Score 5, Informative) 50

This is not the cosmological kind of gravity waves (the ones we are building complex detectors for that have been in the news during the last few years) but a much more down to earth, I mean Mars, weather phenomenon. Happens on earth all the time, not really that special. Probably only made the news because of confusion with the other kind of GW,

Comment Re: Why do you believe that? (Score 2) 456

So you would prefer just one word for "parent" without even being able to specify father or mother?!

You don't have to memorize the gender of a cucumber. The female ending "ino" only exists to allow you to explicitly specify the gender.

The only thing I see wrong in this regard, is that words are male by default, and the female version is a variant. It would be better to have a neutral version for the default, and then both male and female variants if you specifically want to mention the gender.

Comment Re: Why do you believe that? (Score 0) 456

No. I had Latin in school, it's nothing al all like Esperanto.

Latin has many different conjugations and declensions, loads of ambiguities, irregularities, etcetera. After 6 years in school I still couldn't read a Latin text without thoroughly eximining it first to figure out which parts of the multi-line sentences went with which other parts, and which of many different uses of the same word was intended.

In Esperanto, a teacher can give you your first half day course and then tell you a story in Esperanto that you undestand completely. It really is extremely simple. All verbs are regular, all rules are consistent with practically no exceptions. Vocabulary is very limited, with a fixed list of sounds that can be added together to build on existing words.

For example, the language has no different words for mother and father. The word "patrino" (mother) is simply the female version of "patro" (father). A boy is "knabo", a girl is "knabino". Always the same, never a different word to learn.
To negate a word, just put "mal" in front of it. So "sana" (healthy) becomes "malsana" (sick). And a sick person is "malsanulo" because "ul" means "a person with that property". A hospital is "malsanulejo". And the head of the hospital would be "malsanulejestro".
To learn: "lerni". A school: "lernejo". The headmaster of the school: "lernejestro". Headmistress: "lernejestrino".

It really is the easiest language in the world.

Comment Re:not really a setback (Score 1) 73

Except for the detail that the price of the ETF goes up and down together with the price of bitcoin. Whenever there's a difference between the two, high frequency trading algorithms immediately start selling the more expensive one and buying the cheaper one. You'll have to get more creative than that. (Using derivatives, for example).

Comment Re:more than that (Score 1) 73

You can store bitcoins on your computer, then get malware and lose them all. Basically like storing money in a mattress.

Or you can open an account at a bitcoin exchange, with all the associated paperwork to do so (fill out forms, send copy of passport and utility bill, etc.), and then hope they don't get hacked like Mt.Gox, Bitfinex, etc.

Or you can just open your familiar stock trading interface and buy the ETF.

If all you want to do is invest in bitcoin without actually using it, the latter seems like a much easier solution. So it does make sense. Also, it will allow for official derivative products like futures, options, etc. (not the unregulated DIY-kind that exists today)

But alas, the SEC decided it was not a good idea. I can see their point, but on the other hand the ETF could actually have helped the currency mature by adding liquidity and credibility.

Comment Re:It's all about CONVENIENCE. (Score 1) 244

It may not be a legal excuse, but many people take it as a moral one.

I want to watch a movie that was released 3 years ago. I happened to see it was available for rental on iTunes last year, but for some obscure reason today it isn't. I can buy it for three times the price, but not rent it. Possibly because they have a deal with a TV station that will air it later this year, I don't know, I can only guess.

Anyway, I want to rent the film today, I'm fully willing to part with the fair price for it, but the content providers have decided they don't want the money, unless I pay a lot more to buy it outright.

Meanwhile, I have this app that can download any movie for free, illegally but with practically zero chance of getting caught. (In my country it's not even 100% clear whether downloading is illegal or not in this case, only uploading).

Guess what, content providers, you just lost the rental fee I was perfectly willing to pay but you refused to accept. And I don't even feel bad about it, quite the contrary, I feel entitled. Sure, it won't stand up in court, but it won't have to because nobody knows I did it.

Other example: if I buy a legal DVD with a movie for my children, they need to watch about a minute or so of copyright notices, "don't be a pirate", "you wouldn't steal a car", or similar bullshit before the movie can finally start. The illegally downloaded version starts right away. Guess which one we prefer. Isn't that ridiculous? They are degrading their legal customers' experience with a message that has zero effect on pirates! Clearly a lose-lose situation.

Comment Re:Why isn't Uber being sued? (Score 1) 360

Completely agree. Apparently Tesla promoted her into engineering roles on her request even though she had absolutely no engineering background, and they hired a neutral third party, EMC2Law, to investigate her claims. They determined the claims were unsubstantiated.

This may be another one of those "Hi, AJ, nice outfit" – "OMG he's hitting on me, I'm going to call my lawyer" kind of situations. And guess what, you may get paid less if you don't have the associated degrees. EMC2Law must have looked into this as it's one of the easiest things to check, and they didn't find anything wrong.

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