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Comment Re: I tell them that I use wanker auth (Score 4, Insightful) 366

Well, if you see them coming in demanding everybody unlock their phones, just quickly take it out, unlock it and turn it off. Takes about 3 seconds. Then when they get to you, it's too late because the phone will now require a password which you don't have to give.

Doesn't work if you're the first one they ask, of course.

Comment Re:Second coming of teams of ethical hackers (Score 1) 49

One thing I disagree with, is the statement that "when you just invite the good guys to help you, you will always be safe".

The white hats will find some vulnerabilities, the black hats will find some as well, and those two will overlap (increasing your security) but that still leaves those bugs found by the black hats and yet to be found by the white hats. Which will be plenty.

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