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Comment Re:Paradox (Score 1) 186

Your Nike shoes example is one of the reasons why some schools have uniforms. No class differences, everyone the same. It does seem to help.

Even without uniforms, schools can have all sorts of rules, banning sports shoes, shirts without sleeves, etc... I don't see why banning head scarfs is such a big deal in that context.

Comment Re:Paradox (Score 4, Interesting) 186

"But for many it's not a choice at all, and that's what's wrong with it."

*citation of your novel definition of "choice" required

Women being beaten or stoned for not wearing the correct clothes?

Or, in my own country (Belgium), being called whores and sexually assaulted?

It's not a choice if your family or friends make you under the threat of violence.

Comment Re:How would anyone be able to tell? (Score 2) 186

Seems simple enough: fat people are fat because they eat too much fat. Until you ask yourself the question how cows get fat. Now it turns out that certain amounts of fat in our diet are actually quite healthy, and much better than all the synthetic stuff we've been replacing fat with. Butter is healthier than margarine, who would have thunk? Sugar is the new culprit now, until the next study comes along.

Comment Re:Paradox (Score 4, Interesting) 186

Until school girls from a muslim background start to be pressured into wearing them because otherwise they are "whores" and are attacked both verbally and physically by their fellow pupils. It's one of the main reasons headscarfs are forbidden in many Belgian schools. It was becoming a de facto obligation for many of the girls in areas with lots of muslims.

That is the danger of head scarfs. I know there are some misguided women who wear it as a personal choice because they are so proud to believe in their particular version of the Imaginary Superbeing, feeling the need to show everybody how much better they are because of that, and are somehow oblivious to how it is used to oppress women in many parts of the world. But for many it's not a choice at all, and that's what's wrong with it.

Comment Re:autolanding also needs airport support (Score 1) 329

Another example is Turkish Airlines 1951 at Amsterdam in 2009. Automatic approach, a problem with the radio altimeter caused the autothrottles to go to idle thrust at 2000 ft. The plane slowed down but the pilots reacted much too late. The plane stalled and crashed.

What's most important: the verdict was that this was pilot error. Even though the approach was being flown on autopilot (hey, doesn't that word mean that the plane will do everything automatically and the pilots can watch Harry Potter?), the pilots took the blame. And deservedly so.

Autopilot does not mean "sit back, relax and watch a movie".

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