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Comment Open Source AI (Score 1) 131

How do you differentiate between a "good AI" with bad decisions and a "bad AI" making good decisions?

The same way you would do this with humans: you would need to read their mind to understand the motivation behind the decision. This is probably a lot easier for an AI (so long as it is Open Source!) than for a human.

Comment Re:Competency not Conspiracy (Score 1) 493

Overwhelming medical evidence huh? Show me the double blind placebo safety test performed on a vaccine. I bet you can't show me one.

I don't need to show you a double blind placebo safety test. Just look at the death rates from measles, mumps, whooping cough, the rate of birth defects caused by german measles or the rate of TB cases in Europe (where they vaccinate for it). There is literally no other plausible explanation for the dramatic declines in death rates for these diseases which occur immediately after vaccination programs started. Note also the absence of a similar increase in deaths or serious complications for the vaccine. The tests you mention are conducted before mass deployment. Now these vaccines are deployed you just need to look at the data: they really are overwhelming.

Comment Competency not Conspiracy (Score 1) 493

Are you or have you ever been an anti-vaxxer? If yes, you are blacklisted.

McCarthism was persecuting people for political beliefs which had nothing to do with their job performance. Being an anti-vaxxer in the face of the overwhelming medical evidence that supports vaccines calls into question the ability of the person to be a medical professional.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 493

Everybody has the right to his own opinion and has the freedom to express the same. Including nurses.

Indeed they do but they do not have a fundamental human right to be a nurse. To be a medical professional you have to meet certain criteria because people need to be able to trust the advice that you give and this advice can very severely impact their lives if it is wrong. While they are entitled to their own opinion if they want to share it with others they need to do so without the authority of a medical professional because the medical profession is rather unequivocal that the benefits of vaccines massively outweigh the tiny risks.

Comment Statutory Damages (Score 1) 214

If not jail time, what punishment would you suggest for people who file fraudulent DMCA claims then?

How about statutory damages to the person the complaint is against to compensate them for their time fighting it and any potential damage caused? If you wanted a bit of poetic justice you could set the damages using the same formula for the ones the typical complainants use when claiming damages against something that actually is infringing. It would be very hard for them to argue against that without saying that their own claims are massively inflated.

Comment Only Indirectly (Score 2) 109

When all armies are made of robots, it will be senseless for them to fight each other. They will then be used to attack civilians.

More civilians will suffer but probably only indirectly either as collateral damage (in much the same way as drone strikes today kill innocent civilians while targeting terrorists) or because the US will get involved in far more situations than it does today. Unlike humans where every casualty has a negative impact on votes, every destroyed robot means more money for the companies making them which means more money for politicians which means more votes.

Comment Drones (Score 1) 109

What, you think that just because the US military currently has over 1 million human troops but zero robot ones...

Last I checked they had a few drones, either that or they have some really tiny pilots. I expect the first land-based robots will work in the same way: some autonomy to handle simple tasks but anything complicated will be done by a human "pilot".

Comment Re:That's, for better or worse, for a court to dec (Score 2) 214

It's putting the onus on the defense to prove that they're _not_ infringing. Assume guilt much?

I agree it is a problem but not for the reason you give. Samsung will still have to prove that the defendant infringed their copyright. The problem is one of risk. The cost of the court case is the problem here. Samsung is, for the moment ay least, a multi-billion dollar company with huge pockets. Win or lose the cost of this type of court case is a blip in their budget. However for the defendant the financial risk is huge: he could lose his life savings on a case like this.

This is the serious problem with the law today. Corporations can afford to bring frivolous cases knowing that the defendant cannot afford the time and money risk. What we ned to have is a system where the financial risk is comparable. For example perhaps if a corporation loses a case like this they should be required to compensate the defendant with one years salary of their highest paid employee. Who knows perhaps this might also help limit currently insanely high executive pay.

Comment Re:How about Video Conferencing? (Score 1) 81

If ONLY they made headphones that would connect directly to USB, or adapters that could allow you to connect a standard pair of headphones via the USB or Lightning ports.

Yes because I really want to carry around one set of ear buds for my laptop and another set for everything else - that's assuming they even make USB-C compatible ones yet so more likely I will need a special set plus a dongle. Sounds like a real winner of a solution.

Comment Re:Prediction (Score 1) 81

I have no idea what they will really release, but I'm pretty sure many Slashdot posters (who would never buy Apple hardware anyway) will hate whatever they change

If I never bought Apple hardware why would I care what they changed? The problem with these events is that while I once looked forward to them to see what new improvements and capabilities they would be adding I now look at them with some trepidation because the new features are generally things I do not care about or which make things actually worse. I'm in the market for a new laptop and desktop to replace my aging macs but I want high performance machines, including the GPU, which do not require me to travel around with a bag of dongles to make them work. Frankly if I could run OS X reliably on a Dell XPS 15 it would be "hello again" Dell.

Comment How about Video Conferencing? (Score 0) 81

These machines are marketed to, and used by, "pro" users, and built-in audio on ANY computer is not used by anyone serious about audio work.

Perhaps you are unaware but there are some professionals who are not serious about audio work and who still use the audio for things like video conferencing and who would like to have some privacy or avoid disturbing others while doing so. A headphone is rather essential for that and no a wireless thing which has to be kept charged and only lasts for a few hours is NOT a suitable replacement. Having to miss a meeting because you forgot to keep yet another device charged is anything but professional.

Comment Unlikely to be Useful (Score 1) 227

I seriously doubt this will happen, unless the costs for this type of DNA analysis comes way down.

I seriously doubt it will happen at successful companies even if the costs go way down and it becomes legal. Nature is only a part of what determines your character: nurture plays a large role as well. That combined with the fact that I am not sure we all agree on what characteristics make a good leader leads me to have very severe doubts about whether this is even vaguely useful.

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